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US worried Chinese firms may provide military support to Russia.

The U.S. Concerned About Chinese Companies’ Potential Aid to Russia in Ukraine

The U.S. has not seen any indication that the Chinese government has chosen to provide lethal aid to Russia for their use in Ukraine, though there is concern that Chinese companies may be doing so.

U.S. officials have warned since February that the Chinese Communist Party was contemplating such a move, which prompted a strong response from the Biden administration.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed his concerns about private Chinese companies potentially providing assistance to enhance Russia’s military capacity in Ukraine. He urged Chinese counterparts to be vigilant in policing this matter.

Blinken emphasized that the U.S. has not seen intelligence suggesting China’s intention to provide lethal aid to Russia.

During his visit to Beijing, Blinken highlighted the importance of China’s commitment not to provide lethal assistance to Russia for use in Ukraine.

Despite the instability in Beijing-Washington relations, China refused to establish a crisis communications challenge with U.S. military officials, raising concerns about the possibility of unintentional conflict between the two powers.

According to Politico, Chinese companies reportedly sent Russian entities assault rifles, drone parts, and body armor that could be used for military purposes. However, it remains unknown if any of the rifles have made it to the battlefield.

Russia has received military aid from various countries, including North Korea, South Africa, and Iran. The partnership between Russia and Iran has strengthened, with both countries benefiting from each other’s military capabilities.

The U.S. has expressed concerns about Russia and Iran’s collaboration in producing Iranian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from inside Russia. There is information suggesting that Russia is receiving materials from Iran to build a UAV manufacturing plant, which could be operational by early next year.

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