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US, Canada Reach Deal on Limiting Illegal Immigration at Northern Border

OTTAWA, Canada- As President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met for bilateral meetings in Ottawa, the U.S. – Canada border was a hotly debated issue. On March 24, the two leaders met with the Canadian Parliament, and on March 24 they held their joint press conference.

Biden noted that the border between the two nations is 5,525 miles much.

According to Biden, hundreds of thousands of people cross the border every day to travel north and south, work, or simply to attend, knowing they will be welcomed there.

According to Biden,” Americans and Canadians are two men, two countries, sharing one brain.” No two nations on Earth are connected by such strong bonds— friendship, family, business, and cultures.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ( R ) of Canada greets U.S. President Joe Biden at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada, on March 24, 2023. ( AFP via Mandel Ngan via Getty Images )

Trudeau cited former President Ronald Reagan, who described the U.S. – Canada border as” a meeting place rather than a dividing line” in an address to the Canadian Parliament in 1987.

Trudeau stated that” more than 30 years ago, our boundary is no longer just the location where we meet each other.” ” This is the location where we will meet the present and the future.”

Following a recent increase in illegal immigration from the United States into Canada, Biden and Trudeau announced an updated Safe Third Country Agreement earlier in the day.

Canada may permit 15, 000 immigrants from the Western Hemisphere to apply for passage under the terms of the agreement.

Trudeau had asked the Biden administration for help in containing the influx of immigrants who are coming to Canada from the US and requesting hospital.

The agreement will enable the two nations to detain immigrants who are stranded between official points of entry along the U.S. – Canada border.

Refugees are required to use in the first nation they arrive in, per a 2002 agreement between the two nations.

This agreement only applied at official border crossings, opening a door for immigrants who travel from the United States to Canada and improperly cross at Roxham Road, an hour-long taxi ride to the Plattsburgh, New York, bus station.

According to Biden, members of Parliament,” the United States and Canada may work together to prevent illegal border crossings and fully implement the updated” Safe Third Country” understanding.”

Trudeau declared during the joint news conference that the United States and Canada would start to cooperate to protect our citizens. Maintaining the security of our edges, our immigration system, and the safety of asylum seekers are all part of keeping people safe. Both of our nations support border security, immigrant protection, safer, reasonable, and peaceful movement.

Trudeau continued,” This is why we will just use the Safe Third Country Agreement to hospital seekers between standard points of entry.” Officers and border guards will uphold the contract after nightfall tonight and returning errant border crossers to the closest port of entry into the United States.

Biden and Trudeau met in Ottawa a few days after Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping convened in Moscow and announced their collaboration that may aid in the creation of an international arrangement led by China and Russia.

Biden and Trudeau issued a joint statement prior to the press conference denouncing Russia for its improper, indefensible, and unprovoked war against Ukraine.” We will continue to impose economic costs on Russia while maintaining our unwavering support for Ukraine for as long as it takes ,” they said.

The two officials added that they” acknowledge the dangerous long-term challenge to the worldwide order posed by the People’s Republic of China, including such things such as financial force, non-market policies and practices, and human rights abuses.”

The announcement read,” While we will work with China in parts of shared interest, such as climate change, we remain committed to making sure we can effectively compete against China on an equal footing.” In order to combat foreign interference in our societies that upholds our shared political values, Canada and the United States will continue to work together.

Trudeau was questioned during the news event,” Knowing what you know, are you okay with the idea of your kids or household using TikTok?”

The prime minister responded by saying,” We made the same choice as the American government and others when we said that we don’t believe government-issued phones’ security profiles are secure.”

” Privacy and security are important issues, which is why we have banned TikTok from government-issued mobile.

Now Trudeau grinned and said that TikTok won’t be a problem for his kids because they have government-issued apps.

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