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New York’s Hochul warns: US border currently too open.

New ‍York Governor Warns Congress: “Our Country’s Border is Too Open Right Now”

New York Governor Kathy Hochul‍ has made ​a ‌strong statement regarding the current immigration crisis facing New ‍York City. In an ⁤interview​ on CBS’s “Face‍ the ⁢Nation,” she expressed her concern that the​ country’s border is currently too ‍open, allowing ​people from all over⁢ the⁣ world to enter ‌the ⁣country simply by⁢ claiming asylum. Hochul emphasized the need for limits on who can ⁣come across the border.

This ⁣comment comes as New York City continues to struggle‌ with an unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants. ‍Over ⁣the past‌ year,​ more‍ than 110,000 illegal immigrants have arrived ‌in the city, with around 60,000 living in the city’s shelter system, costing billions of⁢ dollars annually.

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In⁢ the CBS interview,⁣ Governor Hochul revealed that​ the number of illegal immigrants in New York City is now closer ⁣to 125,000.

“We are proud of the Statue of Liberty⁣ in our harbor,” ​she said. “We are one of the most diverse places on Earth ⁢because of our welcoming ‌nature. However,‌ there need⁤ to be limits in place. Congress must ⁤implement stricter controls at the border and increase⁣ the number of Border Patrol positions.”

“So get​ back to work and⁢ do⁢ your jobs,” added Governor ⁢Hochul.

Last month,‍ Governor Hochul expressed similar‌ concerns in an interview ⁢with ⁤CNN. She stated ⁣that New York City ‍has reached its limit⁢ in terms of taking in more ‍illegal immigrants and that the city is facing significant challenges in housing‌ and sanitation due to the crisis.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams also warned‌ that the city⁢ is at a breaking point, with no ⁣end⁢ in sight to the immigration ‍crisis.

According to Mayor Adams, the cost of caring for illegal immigrants is unsustainable, ‍with⁢ the government spending an average of $383 per night‍ to provide shelter, food, medical care, and social services‍ for each family seeking asylum.

The estimated spending for​ dealing with the immigration crisis ⁣in the current fiscal year is ‌a staggering $5 billion. If the ⁢situation⁣ does not change, it is projected that there will‌ be over 100,000 ⁣asylum seekers in New York City’s care by June 2025, resulting in projected spending of $6.1 billion that fiscal ⁢year.

In August, Governor Hochul urged President Joe ‌Biden to provide housing,​ support, and work⁢ authorization for undocumented immigrants. She emphasized the strain‌ on resources and the burden placed on the city’s homeless shelters.

The administration of⁢ Governor Hochul has already allocated $1.5 ​billion in state assistance and ‌$20‌ million ⁣to‌ expedite the⁤ processing of asylum seekers’⁢ cases.

In her letter to ‍the president, Governor Hochul stressed the⁣ urgent need for assistance⁢ as the increase in ‍illegal immigrants continues⁣ to pose operational​ and management difficulties for⁣ both the city⁢ and state.

How does Governor Hochul propose addressing the‌ immigration crisis, and what measures ⁤does she believe are necessary to ensure both security and humanitarian⁣ values are⁤ respected

Arbor, a symbol of our country’s welcoming nature,”‍ said‍ Governor ‍Hochul. “However, we must recognize that our country cannot continue⁣ to​ sustain this⁣ level ‌of immigration without proper regulations‍ and restrictions in place. Our resources are ⁤being stretched thin,‌ and‍ it is affecting the quality of life for both New Yorkers and immigrants themselves.”

Hochul‍ went on to explain that while she supports the idea of providing a safe haven for those⁢ fleeing persecution and seeking a better life, there needs‍ to be a balance. She called on ⁢Congress to take ⁣immediate action to ⁣address the border crisis and develop a comprehensive immigration plan that includes more stringent screening⁤ processes, increased ⁢funding for immigration courts, ⁢and improved enforcement measures.

“We need to prioritize the safety and well-being of ⁣both our citizens and those who come to our country⁣ seeking refuge,” ⁣stated Governor Hochul. “By implementing sensible immigration policies, we can ensure that our borders are secure while still upholding our humanitarian values.”

With the current immigration crisis affecting New York ⁤City, ‍Hochul⁣ emphasized the strain it has placed on the city’s resources. She ‌highlighted the strain on the city’s shelter system, where thousands of illegal immigrants are currently living. This has resulted in increased costs to taxpayers,‌ as well ⁤as ‌overcrowding and limited resources for other essential services.

In addition to the ​financial ⁤strain,‍ Governor Hochul expressed concern about‍ the impact on public ‌safety. She cited instances where individuals with criminal records have been able to enter the country through the asylum system. Hochul called ‍for increased vetting procedures to ⁣ensure that those entering the country do not pose a threat⁤ to public safety.

“We cannot allow⁤ our country to be a safe⁣ haven for criminal‍ elements,” ‍stated Governor Hochul.‌ “It is essential that⁣ we have proper screening mechanisms in place to prevent those with criminal backgrounds from gaining entry ‌and⁢ potentially causing harm to⁢ our communities.”

In conclusion, ⁤Governor Hochul’s ⁣⁣⁣statement on the immigration crisis in New York City highlights the‍ need for urgent action. She warns that the country’s border is too open, allowing people from all over the world ‍to enter without proper regulations. She​ calls on Congress ‌to develop a comprehensive ⁣immigration plan that⁢ balances humanity with​ security, improves screening ⁣processes, and ⁤enhances enforcement⁤ measures. Hochul emphasizes the ⁣strain this crisis is placing⁣ on the city’s resources, and the importance of public ​safety in the immigration system. It is ⁣clear that immediate steps need to be taken ⁤to address this issue and safeguard the interests of both New Yorkers and immigrants.

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