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Oregon issues urgent Level 3 evacuation order due to fires. Go now!

Level​ 3 Evacuation Order Issued in Oregon Due to Rapidly Spreading Lookout Fire

Authorities in Oregon have issued‌ a Level 3 “Go Now” evacuation order in Lane County as the Lookout Fire in the Willamette National Forest continues to spread quickly. This order urges residents to leave immediately, ​as the danger is current and imminent. Ignoring this⁢ notice may result in a lack of assistance from ​emergency services. It ⁣is​ crucial ‌not ‍to delay evacuation to gather belongings or ‌protect‍ homes, as this may be the last notice received. Entry to evacuated ‍areas may be denied⁤ until it is safe.

The Oregon State⁢ Fire‍ Marshal has attributed the rapid ⁤spread of the ​Lookout Fire ‌to high temperatures and gusty winds on Sunday. ⁤In response, Governor Tina Kotek has‍ issued an emergency declaration, enabling the Oregon State ​Fire Marshal​ to mobilize firefighters across the state.

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“The Lookout Fire has⁢ been growing​ rapidly ⁤due to the dry, windy conditions in Lane County,” stated Oregon State Fire Marshal Mariana Ruiz-Temple. “The next few days are very concerning with⁤ continued‌ red flag conditions. To face these challenging conditions, we will coordinate the necessary resources through the power ⁤of the Oregon Fire Mutual Aid System ‌to assist our local fire service partners.”

The Level 3 evacuation‌ order‍ affects Taylor Road, North Bank Road, all areas north ​of​ Highway 126 ⁢between Blue River Reservoir Road and Drury Lane, Mona ⁣Campground,‌ Lookout Campground, and HJ Andrews ‌Experimental⁤ Forest headquarters. ‍As of Monday morning, approximately 200 acres have already been burned.

Lane County Sheriff Cliff Harrold emphasized the importance of extreme caution and compliance with fire restrictions and closures. The ⁢McKenzie Bridge ⁢community is advised to stay updated on‌ the fire’s status, sign up for emergency alerts, and be ⁣prepared to evacuate ⁢if conditions change.

According⁤ to the‍ Statesman-Journal, the​ Lookout Fire was ignited by ⁣a‍ lightning strike, ​occurring naturally. Meanwhile, the Flat Fire near Agness, at the confluence ⁢of the Illinois and⁣ Rogue⁤ Rivers, remains⁢ the⁢ largest fire in Oregon. It has burned 33,861 acres and ​is currently at around 50 percent containment since its eruption on July 15.

A recent​ report from federal officials (pdf) warns that the entire state of Oregon faces an elevated risk of wildfires in‍ August and September 2023. The risk will shift west⁤ of the Cascades in October due to dry easterly winds, and by November, the risk will decrease as cooler and ⁤wetter weather arrives.

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