Unvaccinated Kyrie Irving Seen at Brooklyn's Barclay's Center Despite Ban

The Covid hysteria has been responsible for more than its fair share of contradiction and outright hypocrisy, but this one nearly tops the list.

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving, one of the sports world’s most popular players to refuse the coronavirus vaccine, was spotted at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on Saturday despite a ban preventing him from playing there.

The chief irony of this is that Irving hasn’t been able to play a single one of Brooklyn’s 28 home games at the Barclays Cente because he remains unvaccinated. However, for reasons owed only to Covid lunacy, he was allowed to attend his former college coach’s last ACC game.

It is true, that New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently removed the city’s vaccine mandate. However, as Outkick reports, there are private sector vaccine restrictions that restrict Irving from participating in home games. But it’s even worse than that, the rules in place would actually allow Irving to play at Barclays Center if he were on the visiting team. However, since he is a resident of New York City, he can’t play for the home team.

In any event, Irving got to watch in person as his old team suffered the same fate the Nets have suffered so many times during his absence at Barclays Center, they lost.

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