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UN Official Condemns Demands for Hamas to Release Hostages

Anti-Israel UN Official Criticizes‍ Call for Hamas ‍to Release ‍Hostages

​ ⁤ ‍ Protesters (Ammar Awad/Reuters), Francesca Albanese (@FranceskAlbs)

An anti-Israel⁣ United Nations official strongly ‍condemned the act of calling for Hamas to release hostages, deeming it as “unacceptable.” The official, U.N.​ special ⁣rapporteur Francesca Albanese, accused former State Department‍ official Dennis Ross of diverting attention from the‍ atrocities committed‍ by the Israeli army in‍ Gaza by suggesting that Hamas could⁤ help Palestinians by releasing hostages.

Ross had written, “Why not call on Hamas to release ⁤all hostages and agree to have its leaders leave Gaza?⁤ They could save Palestinians from paying ⁣a further price.”

Albanese vehemently disagreed with this approach,⁣ stating that it places the responsibility to end‌ the⁤ violence on the⁢ Palestinians, including those who are being killed‍ in Gaza. She argued that​ it also serves to justify and ⁢deflect attention from the​ atrocities committed by the Israeli ⁤army.

According‍ to‌ the Israeli⁣ government, there are ‍still 136 hostages held by⁤ Hamas in Gaza.

Albanese,⁣ who has ‌faced ​criticism for her anti-Semitic and pro-Hamas comments, has been serving as⁢ special rapporteur since 2022. In ⁤a recent⁣ interview, she ​defended Hamas and claimed that the ⁣terrorist ‌group is entitled to embrace resistance. U.S. lawmakers ​have started scrutinizing the ⁢United Nations for its actions during the Israel-Hamas war, with some‌ accusing U.N. officials of collaborating ‍with Hamas to ⁢hide Israeli hostages.

Amidst the controversy, the Office⁢ of the U.N. ⁢Commissioner for Human Rights distanced itself from Albanese, emphasizing her independence in making assessments.

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