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UFO whistleblower unimpressed by Mexico’s exhibit of ‘alien corpses’.

Former Navy Pilot ‌Disappointed by Display of Alien Corpses in Mexican Congressional Hearing

The ‌former ⁣Navy pilot who testified in front⁣ of⁣ U.S. Congress during the much-anticipated hearing on ​Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) over the summer called the⁣ display of two so-called non-human alien corpses in a Mexican congressional hearing “a‍ huge step backwards for this⁤ issue.”

Mexico’s Congress made global ⁣headlines on Tuesday⁣ after ⁢alleged experts who ​study extraterrestrials unveiled⁣ 1,000-year-old “alien corpses” ‌nestled⁢ in a glass display during its first hearing on⁣ UFOs.

But Ryan Graves, the former Navy pilot⁢ and Americans for ⁢Safe Aerospace executive director who appeared in the‌ first ⁤U.S. congressional public hearing investigating reported military encounters with alleged crafts of non-human origins since the 1960s, said in an X-post following the⁤ hearing ⁢that ​the spectacle ⁣“disappointed” him.

“After⁢ the U.S. Congressional UFO hearing, I ​accepted an invitation to testify before the Mexican Congress ​hoping ⁣to keep​ up the momentum of government interest in pilot experiences with UAP,” Graves said. “Unfortunately, yesterday’s⁢ demonstration was a huge step backwards for this‍ issue.”

“My testimony​ centered on sharing my experience ⁤and the‌ UAP reports I hear from commercial and military aircrew through⁤ ASA’s ‌witness program. I will continue to ⁣raise awareness⁢ of UAP as‌ an urgent matter ​of aerospace safety, national security,⁤ and ​science, but I am deeply ⁢disappointed by ‍this unsubstantiated stunt.”

Witnesses Addressing the House Subcommittee on National Security

Graves was one of three witnesses⁤ who addressed the House ​Subcommittee on National⁢ Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs during‍ the hearing on UAPs in​ late July. He was joined by Retired Navy Commander⁤ David Fravor and⁢ decorated military‍ veteran and intelligence official-turned-whistleblower David Grusch.

During sworn testimony ⁢before Congress, Grusch, an Air​ Force veteran and former National Geospatial Intelligence ‍Agency member, said he is‍ aware of where the U.S. ​government is allegedly⁤ covertly⁣ keeping UAPs.


Grusch claimed he knows the “exact locations” based on interviews of “over 40 ​witnesses over four years” when asked about UFOs,⁣ the popular term used to describe UAPs. Though Grusch declared​ that he was limited in⁣ what he could disclose publicly, he stated that the⁣ locations had been provided to the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) and “some” to​ the congressional intelligence​ panels.

The Department of‍ Defense released a statement insisting that its All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), which ​has been tasked with investigating UFOs, “has not discovered any verifiable information to substantiate ⁤claims​ that⁤ any programs regarding the possession ⁢or reverse-engineering of extraterrestrial materials have existed in ⁢the past or exist currently.” In addition, ‍AARO ​Director Sean Kirkpatrick said​ the hearing was “insulting” to members of his team.

Mexico held a similar hearing on Tuesday that featured Mexican journalist and ufologist Jaime Maussan, who testified under oath that the ​creatures recovered near Peru’s ancient Nazca Lines were “non-human beings that are not part of our⁢ terrestrial evolution,” according to Fox News.

Maussan also ⁢reportedly‌ said that Autonomous National University of Mexico researchers analyzed two corpses that were approximately 1,000⁢ years old.

“These aren’t‍ beings that were found after a UFO wreckage,”​ Maussan said. “They were⁣ found in diatom mines and were later ⁤fossilized.”

“Whether they are aliens or not, we don’t know, but ⁢they ‌were intelligent,​ and⁣ they lived⁢ with us,” he added. “They should rewrite history.… We are not alone in this vast universe. We should embrace this​ reality.”

The ⁤Independent ‌ reported that‌ Maussan⁢ has previously made claims of “alien” discoveries that have since been debunked, including five ⁢mummies found in Peru⁤ in ⁣2017 that turned out to be the remains of human children.

Peruvian Culture Minister‍ Leslie ⁢Urteaga told Reuters that South America’s ‌scientific institutions‌ have not identified the remains displayed during the Mexico’s UFO hearing as non-human and said that ‌the Ministry of Culture⁢ has filed⁤ a criminal complaint against Maussan and his associates.

“I am going to ask for information to see what has happened … about the removal of pre-Hispanic objects, because I‌ understand they are part of pre-Hispanic bone remains,” she‍ said.

Maussan told the outlet on Thursday that his claims have not been countered.

“What they want is to​ take away the force that this discovery‌ has, but ​only with⁢ testimonies, with questioning and without ⁤a single piece of evidence,” Maussan said. “We have been doing investigations⁢ for years… they want to come here⁢ to ‍investigate with just talk.”

What evidence or claims ⁣were presented during the Mexican hearing that fueled the belief⁣ in extraterrestrial life

Ed⁣ that the‍‍‍ Mexican Congress hearing was⁣ met with ⁤mixed ‌reactions. While some believe it is a significant step towards acknowledging the existence of extraterrestrial ‌life, others, like‌ Ryan Graves, see‍ it ​as a setback.

Graves, who has ‌dedicated ⁣his ⁢efforts to raising awareness about ⁣UAPs, expressed his disappointment in the Mexican hearing. He had​ previously testified in front of the U.S. Congress and was hopeful that the Mexican ‌Congress ⁣would ‌continue the⁤ momentum of government interest in pilot experiences with UAPs. However, the display of alleged alien corpses during the hearing was seen by Graves ⁣as an unsubstantiated stunt.

In July, Graves, along with two other​ witnesses, addressed the House Subcommittee on National‌ Security, the Border, and Foreign ⁤Affairs during a U.S. congressional public hearing on UAPs. ‌Their testimonies⁤ shed light on the encounters military personnel have had with these unidentified crafts. Additionally, David⁤ Grusch, a⁤ decorated military​ veteran and intelligence official-turned-whistleblower, claimed to ​have information ​about the alleged covert keeping of UAPs by the U.S. government.

While the Department of⁤ Defense released a statement denying ⁢the existence of programs regarding the possession or reverse-engineering of extraterrestrial materials, ​the Mexican hearing presented a different perspective. Mexican journalist and ufologist Jaime⁢ Maussan testified that the recovered corpses⁢ near Peru’s ancient Nazca ⁤Lines were “non-human beings that are​ not part of our⁢ terrestrial evolution.”

Maussan’s‌ claim, along with the ⁢analysis conducted by researchers⁢ at the Autonomous National University of Mexico, fueled the belief⁣ that these corpses could be evidence of extraterrestrial life.‌ However, ⁤it is important to note that‌ the​ true‍ nature ⁣of these objects has‌ yet to be fully determined.

Graves,‌ while recognizing the significance⁤ of continuing the investigation ⁤into UAPs, ⁤remains skeptical⁤ about the claims made during the‌ Mexican ⁢hearing. He believes⁣ that these sensational displays detract from the serious nature of the issue⁢ at hand – aerospace safety, national security, and scientific exploration.

As the conversation surrounding UAPs continues to evolve, it is essential to approach the subject with rigorous scientific investigation and critical ⁤thinking. While excitement and intrigue ⁣may capture headlines, ⁤it is the careful examination of evidence and ⁤adherence to scientific principles that will ultimately lead to a better understanding of the unknown.

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