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U.S. Virgin Islands sues a major bank for allegedly turning the tables ‘Blind Eye’ To Epstein

JPMorgan Chase is currently facing a lawsuit by the government of U.S. Virgin IslandsThe investment claims of, bank It was a turning point “blind eye” To child sex predator Jeffrey Epstein.

The disgraced manager of a hedge fund owned Little St. James. It was an island system that is considered a territory in the United States. There he could have hosted many high-profile business and legislative leaders. According to the investigation, JPMorgan allegedly concealed transactions which raised suspicions of the sex-trafficking enterprise. lawsuitBloomberg and The New York Times obtained the citation.

“JPMorgan knowingly, negligently and unlawfully provided and pulled the levers through which recruiters and victims were paid and was indispensable to the operation and concealment of the Epstein trafficking enterprise,” The lawsuit stated.

According to the complaint filed in New York’s Southern District by U.S Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise George, JPMorgan Chase should have discovered the transactions because of compliance requirements regarding money laundering laws. The outlets were unable to contact representatives from the investment bank for comment.

According to The New York Times’s estimates, JPMorgan provided investment banking services for the financier for approximately 15 years. This was even after Epstein pleaded guilty in 2008 to two counts each of soliciting prostitution from an adolescent girl. The lawsuit contended that the bank’s failure to sever ties with Epstein enabled his behavior in subsequent years.

Epstein purchased Little St. James property in 1998. He owned it until his suicide in 2019. Epstein worked as a pilot on the island, and has claimed that it has hosted former President Bill Clinton. testified that he had seen the two individuals, as well as former President Donald Trump, lawyer Alan Dershowitz, and actor Kevin Spacey, on the deceased predator’s aircraft.

Two anonymous women, who were allegedly trafficked and exploited by Epstein, filed suits against JPMorgan Chase last month, and Deutsche Bank. They claimed that they had received financial benefits from the abuse. “Without the financial institution’s participation, Epstein’s sex trafficking scheme could not have existed,” The lawsuit According to CNN’s report,

Managers of the Epstein estate also experience the new complaint one month later. agreed to settle a lawsuit with the U.S. Virgin Islands over law enforcement actions related to the territory’s laws against fraud, sex trafficking, and child exploitation. The estate agreed that $105 million would be paid and that half of the proceeds from Little St. James sales would be returned to it. Little St. James was nicknamed “The Little St. James” by some. “Pedophile Island” after the financier’s death, as well as $450,000 to remediate environmental damage around Great St. James, another island owned by Epstein.

“This settlement restores the faith of the People of the Virgin Islands that its laws will be enforced, without fear or favor, against those who break them. We are sending a clear message that the Virgin Islands will not serve as a haven for human trafficking,” George said it in a press release. “Through this lawsuit and settlement, the Attorney General’s Office, acting on behalf of the Government, is using its authority to enforce the laws of the Virgin Islands against criminal enterprises and to protect public safety.”

Ghislaine Maxwell was a long-time friend of Epstein. sentenced Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in January on multiple charges of conspiracy and sextrafficking for helping Epstein recruit and groom young girls. Maxwell is accused of the following: “normalizing” The abuse involves undressing before a victim and discussing sexual topics with others victims. This can lead to them giving their consent. “sexualized massages” Epstein. She is alleged to have tried to befriend victims, taking them on shopping trips and asking about their lives.

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