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Two Arrested, One Officer Injured As Protesters Damage Property Ahead Of Charlie Kirk Event At California University

Two people were taken into custody and one officer was hurt Tuesday night by a clash of black-clad protestors with police officers. The incident occurred in protest of Turning Point USA’s event. Charlie Kirk.

Kirk, the founder of the conservative 250,000-member student organization, spoke to about 500 people at the left-leaning university on American values.

According to UC Davis officials, the main entrance was blocked by about 100 protestors.

“Outside the UCUC, about 100 protesters gathered and for brief times blocked the main event entrance and the pathway to the entrance,” The school said Fox News. “One officer sustained an injury when he was jumped on from behind and pushed to the ground, and two people were arrested and taken to Yolo County Jail for allegedly painting graffiti on an exterior wall of the University Credit Union Center, or UCUC, where the event was held.”

Some rioters are seen kicking glass in the windows of the venue in videos posted on social media. Reports Show the group throwing eggs or other objects. Officials also noticed that members of the crowd pepper sprayed anyone who tried to enter the building.

“Aside from these pepper spray reports, no major physical injuries were reported and no one requested treatment for injuries,” Officials from UC Davis .

Kirk later spoke of the rioters who reportedly broke ten window panes. “terrorists” The audience.

“We’re not going to put up with force of trying to shut down people you don’t like … and tonight is a statement to them that they’re the losers,” Kirk stated.

Fox News reported that officials from UC Davis said that the unidentified suspect taken into custody was not associated with the university.

Many agitators carried signs in support of the legislation. “LGBTQIA2S+” Community, covering their identities with umbrellas

Gary S. May, Chancellor at UC Davis, was part of a Video YouTube, where he refers to Turning Point USA founder “a well-documented proponent of misinformation and hate and who has advocated for violence against transgender individuals.”

May stated that May was a good friend, but he wasn’t a great father. “abhors the inflammatory speech” Kirk did not speak on the campus because the university didn’t sponsor or invite him.

He stated that the university follows the Turning Point USA policy which allows student organizations such as Turning Point USA to reserve campus facilities for speakers of their choice. “even if the speaker’s intended speech is loathsome and hurtful to me and to others in our campus community.”

“As a campus that is committed to our principles of community,” May. “UC Davis stands with our transgender and non-binary Aggies in opposition to the hateful and divisive messaging.”

The rhetoric of the university’s chancellor echoed similar sentiments in an op ed with California-based media outlet Sacramento Bee. This called for UC Davis cancel the event and falsely accused Kirk, who advocated for the cancellation. “lynching” of transgender-identifying people.

“Charlie Kirk has called for the lynching of trans people, a comment that should warrant the cancelation of his speaking engagement at UC Davis,” In a now-deleted Tweet, the outlet stated that it was referring to the source.

Kirk denied the inflamatory headline and article, and threatened to sue The Outlet. They removed the article from their site and republished it. Kirk was referred to as a “far-right” leader.

“Sacbee reporter has deleted previous tweet parroting the ‘lynching trans’ lie,” Kirk stated this in a tweet. “I hope no one was hurt over a complete fabrication of something I NEVER said but was nevertheless originally spread by a trans activist and liar.”

“From Protesters damage property in advance of Charlie Kirk event at California University, and one officer is arrested.

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