Twitter limits account exposing explicit books in libraries for children.

X Censors American Accountability Foundation⁣ for Exposing Controversial Library Content

Last week, ⁤X, formerly ⁢known as Twitter, ⁣made headlines for censoring posts from the ‌American Accountability Foundation ​(AAF). The AAF had been exposing the content promoted by⁢ the American ⁤Library Association‍ (ALA) and local libraries that was deemed inappropriate for children.

In a ​Substack newsletter, the⁣ AAF revealed ⁢that X had placed a “sensitive content” warning on all their social posts and shadowbanned their ⁢Twitter⁣ account. ⁣This means that their content is hidden from search⁢ results and only visible to users who have chosen to display ⁣sensitive material.

The AAF’s exposé on the ALA’s far-left activism, which did not‍ contain explicit content, resulted in their entire account being blocked as⁤ “sensitive content.” This censorship extends to ‌internet users who are ‌not signed in to X.

“Under these rules, you’ll probably find ⁣more adult content at the kids’ library than on Twitter,” said AAF spokesman Yitz Friedman.

Conservative Parents Face Similar Censorship

Parents across the country, from Georgia to Alaska, have faced similar⁢ censorship when they read explicit passages from books available in their⁢ children’s schools. This censorship has sparked outrage and raised concerns about the ALA’s influence.

The ​ALA’s Radical‍ Agenda

In April​ last⁢ year,‍ the ALA elected a self-professed “Marxist lesbian” as its leader. Since then, the organization has faced criticism ⁤for recommending books with sexually⁣ explicit material and blaming any challenges⁢ on anti-LGBT prejudice.

Conservative ⁤state lawmakers have taken action by cutting ⁣ties between their library⁤ commissions and the ALA. Missouri and Montana⁣ were among the first states to disassociate‍ from the organization, and Texas recently ‍followed suit.

Conservative Groups Demand Action

In August, leaders of 13 conservative groups issued a joint statement calling for the ​removal ‍of government support and influence ⁣from the ​ALA. They argue that the ALA’s ​promotion of obscene materials targeted at children may violate⁣ state and federal⁢ laws.

An Alternative to⁣ the ALA

In response to the ALA’s controversial actions, the World Library Association (WLA) emerged as ⁣an alternative. The WLA aims to create safe environments for librarians, curate appropriate reading materials⁢ for children, and maintain a politically neutral public space.

The WLA has also pledged resources to support parents⁢ in legal ⁤battles concerning their children’s access to⁣ explicit⁤ content in school libraries.

Tristan ‌Justice is the western correspondent for The Federalist and the author of Social Justice Redux, a ​conservative newsletter on culture, health, and wellness. Follow him ⁢on Twitter at @JusticeTristan or contact him at [email protected]. Sign up⁤ for Tristan’s email newsletter here.

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