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Twitter’s Engineering Chief resigns after DeSantis Campaign Launch glitches.

Twitter Engineer Resigns After Glitches Mar DeSantis Presidential Bid Announcement

A senior Twitter engineer resigned on Thursday following glitches that marred the highly anticipated Twitter Spaces event in which Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced his presidential bid.

Foad Dabiri, whose LinkedIn profile says he is Twitter’s engineering lead for growth, announced his resignation but did not mention what prompted the move.

In his resignation statement, Dabiri reflected on his time at Twitter, which he divided into two distinct eras: pre- and post-acquisition by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk last year.

Both eras, he said, “came with their fair share of challenges, but they also shared a grand mission and a team of extraordinary individuals.”

Working with Elon Musk

During the “Twitter 2.0” phase under Musk’s leadership, the company underwent significant changes aimed at achieving profitability, resulting in a substantial reduction in the workforce within the initial months.

Musk said in a Fox News interview that Twitter runs fine without as many staff now that it’s not operating as a censorship machine against conservative voices.

“Working with @elonmusk has been highly educational, and it was enlightening to see how his principles and vision are shaping the future of this company,” Dabiri said.

Dabiri said it was an “extraordinary journey” with Musk at the helm. However, he described the period of staff layoffs as a challenging time, highlighting the resilience and strength demonstrated by the team during this transformative phase.

DeSantis Campaign Launch

The livestream event on Twitter featuring DeSantis faced significant disruptions and delays on Wednesday owing to a surge in user participation.

Hosted on Twitter Spaces by Musk and tech entrepreneurs, the event was intended to be a smooth launch for DeSantis’ presidential campaign. However, technical glitches caused frustration for users and forced the event to be delayed multiple times.

Despite the setbacks, DeSantis was able to make his announcement and Twitter users were able to tune in to the historic event.

  • What do you think about the Twitter engineer’s resignation?
  • Do you agree with Elon Musk’s leadership style at Twitter?
  • Were you able to watch the DeSantis campaign launch on Twitter?

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