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Tulsi Gabbard: Democrats are the Party of Division, Authoritarianism, and War

Democrats finance a war in Ukraine that is dangerous, suppressing ideological dissent, as well as polarizing our country. Tulsi Gabbard (ex-Democratic presidential candidate), made this statement on the last day of CPAC.

Former congresswoman took aim at radical gender ideology, and accused President Joe Biden for inflaming racial tensions through his embrace of identity politics. Biden, she was charged with “fanning the flames of divisiveness.”

“They reduce each of us to the color of our skin,” Gabbard declared in her speech, “Democrats!” “have become the racists they claim to hate.”

Gabbard now registered as an independent has denounced Gabbard’s former party over its reckless arming in Ukraine. Gabbard also warned that the United States is being led to war by their policy of providing lethal help. “brink of nuclear war.”

“They’ve sent now over $100 billion to fuel this proxy war,” Sie said.

Anthony Blinken (Secretary of State) will speak Friday promised Ukraine will receive an additional $400million in weapons and utility equipment

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