Tucker continues to provoke Geraldo even after their Fox News departure.

Former Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Continues to Stir Controversy

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson may have left the building, but he’s still triggering his warmongering former colleagues without even trying.

Geraldo Rivera, who left Fox News last month after being fired as a co-host of “The Five,” attacked Carlson on Friday for wanting the United States to stop funding the Ukraine-Russia war.

“Due respect to Tucker Carlson, but he’s as full of s*** about Ukraine as he was about January 6th,” Rivera tweeted.

“His smiley face doesn’t change fact Russia invaded sovereign Ukraine; 1000’s are dead, including women & children, the world order is assailed and Putin is a punk,” he said of Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Rivera was reacting to Carlson’s appearance Friday on British comedian Russell Brand’s “Stay Free” podcast.

During a wide-ranging interview, Carlson praised former President Donald Trump’s stance on curbing U.S. involvement in foreign wars.

“I’m struck by his foreign policy views,” the former Fox News host said. “Trump is the only person with stature in the Republican Party, really, who is saying, ‘Wait a second. Why are we supporting an endless war in Ukraine?’”

“I’m so grateful that he has the position. He’s right, and everyone in Washington is wrong. Everyone. And Trump is right on that question. And it’s a big question. That war is reshaping the world. It’s reshaping the economy of the world. It’s reshaping populations. … Europe will never be the same because of this war. And it really matters.”

Hours after the podcast aired, Rivera went on Twitter to slam Carlson for his stance on U.S. support for the war.

The Biden administration has sent more than $75 billion to Ukraine since the February 2022 Russian invasion.

Meanwhile, during the past 17 months, the United States has been roiled by crushing inflation, soaring crime, rising homelessness, daily border invasions and escalating racial tensions.

Our bridges, subways and highways are falling apart while Americans struggle to pay skyrocketing grocery bills and gas prices.

Rather than address the countless domestic problems plaguing the U.S., President Joe Biden is sending our hard-earned tax dollars — in jaw-dropping quantities — to defend another nation’s borders while ours remain under siege.

For Rivera to attack Carlson for opposing endless U.S. involvement in Ukraine is absurd.

Numerous Twitter users called him out for his pro-war, “America last” stance.

Other Twitter users accused Rivera of being jealous of Carlson.

Many Americans are fed up with establishment politicians and media figures who prioritize bankrolling a protracted foreign war over addressing the yawning chasm of festering domestic issues roiling this nation.

It is not selfish for the U.S. to fix its own problems before “helping” another country. It is a matter of survival at this point.

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