‘Trying To Silence Conservative Voices’: Hispanic Orgs Fight Back Against Soros Funded Latino Media Company

Hispanic organizations are mounting the fight against a $60 million cash deal funded by a finance firm associated with Billionaire investor George Soros and other prominent Democrats to purchase 18 radio stations from the Spanish language multimedia conglomerate, TelevisaUnivision.

Pending Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approval, Stephanie Valencia, a former Obama administration staffer, and Jess Morales Rocketto will launch the Latino Media Network. The deal will mark the largest single acquisition of radio stations by a Latino-based company which Hispanics say is a move to attack their free speech.

One of the 18 AM and FM channels that Latino Media Network will acquire in the deal is one of Miami, Florida’s top Cuban radio stations, Radio Mambí. (RELATED: As Dems Lose Latinos, Soros Funds Massive New Hispanic Media Company)

Radio Mambí’s audience voiced their concerns over Soros funding the station’s purchase on host Ninoska Perez‘s Monday afternoon radio show, reported the Miami Herald.

“People who listen to this station must realize that this purchase is an attempt by the Democratic Party and President Biden to silence us,” one listener said, according to the outlet. “We must come up with a Plan B.”

Latino Partnership For Conservative Principles President Alfonso Aguilar told the Daily Caller his organization is working to fight against the “heavy-handed effort” by Democrats “to silence their opposition, Conservative voices.”

“Every time they talk about this effort to buy these stations, they particularly single out Radio Mambí, like it’s a victory,” said Aguilar. “It’s an institution in Southern Florida with a loyal audience of not only Cuban Americans but Venezuelans, Nicaraguans–people who fled socialist regimes.”

Latino Partnership For Conservative Principles will partner with other major Hispanic advocacy groups to help promote emerging Conservative outlets that can reach large segments of the Hispanic population with good quality content to combat the Democrats’ plan to control the national narrative.

El American, which is already engaging millions of Hispanics in the U.S., will be a target for the group’s donors due to its “incredible potential for growth,” according to Aguilar.

“It’s not just about buying TV and radio slots. It’s much more,” Aguilar said. “We are talking to major conservative donors and investors at the same time to ensure they put their money in those outlets that can actually deliver.”

Hispanics will continue to reject the Democratic Party’s “creepy, socialist” agenda, despite the success of the Soros-funded deal, Aguilar said.

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“The reality is [the Democratic Party] is losing the Hispanic vote because they are losing the battle of ideas. Hispanics are really turned off by what they are hearing from Latinx to excessive emphasis on trans-issues, abortion, and promoting an agenda of racial confrontation and victimization,” said Aguilar. “They are really behaving like woke activists, and then they go and ask Soros for money.”

Conservative Hispanics see Soros “as the ultimate globalist socialist” for his active effort in promoting “the socialist dream and cultural marxism in Latin America,” according to Aguilar. (RELATED: ‘Obstructing Justice’: Report Reveals How Many Millions Soros Has Spent Getting Left-Wing Prosecutors Into Office)

RNC Communications Director for Hispanic engagement Danielle Alvarez told the Daily Caller the Democrats’ plan to buy the Spanish language stations was immediately “on the RNC’s radar.”

“We’ve been having conversations within the Hispanic community and with Hispanic leaders to see what action can be done,” she said. “Democrats are losing support from Hispanic voters and it is alarming that the Soros funded group is trying to infiltrate Hispanic media in that way as a result.”

Alvarez said the Democratic Party began the year calling Spanish language stations “disinformation,” but when Hispanics rejected their narrative, they now want to purchase these same stations. “They can’t control what we say, so they are trying to control what we hear,” said Alvarez.

The 18 station deal will affect AM and FM radio shows in several states with high populations of Hispanic and Latino voters, including California, Florida, and Texas.

The Los Angeles chapter of the California Hispanic Republican Club (LAHRC) told the Daily Caller the Democrats’ plan to buy radio stations to promote their agenda in areas already suffering under Democratic leadership isn’t going to work.

“Hispanics have already seen the results of Soros-backed issues and candidates like George Gascon. These past two years have shed light on many of the draconian policies and abuses of the current leadership in California and the results of these non-bi-partisan decisions. ” the group said. “Hispanics cannot deny the realities of all those suffering in cities across our country under the mismanagement of local and state resources and offices who fail to hold each other accountable to the public.”

“We do not believe buying up radio networks and media just to tell us in Spanish what they’ve been saying for years in English will change the [Hispanic community’s] direction or momentum towards more conservative principles,” LAHRC added. “The Hispanic community cares deeply about faith, family, and opportunity. It’s what we at the LAHRC community are all about.”

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