Trump’s lawyers get Nathan Wade’s phone data, revealing contradictions in his testimony, possibly indicating perjury

Fulton County Special Prosecutor​ Nathan Wade attends a hearing in the case of the State of ‌Georgia v. Donald John Trump‌ at the Fulton County Courthouse on February 15, 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia. Judge Scott McAfee ⁢is hearing‌ testimony as to whether DA Fani ​Willis and⁢ Wade should be⁤ disqualified from the case for allegedly lying about a personal relationship. (Photo ‌by Alyssa Pointer-Pool/Getty Images)

OAN’s Brooke Mallory
6:30 PM – Friday, February 23, ‌2024

In a surprising turn of events, new evidence has emerged in‌ the case against⁢ former President Donald⁤ Trump. According to an affidavit submitted by Trump’s legal counsel, Nathan Wade, the special prosecutor hired by Fulton County prosecutor Fani‍ Willis, made‍ 35 trips to Willis’s Hapeville area, contradicting his ‍previous testimony of only “ten visits.” This revelation could potentially prove that ‍Wade⁤ committed ⁢perjury.


The ⁢phone data, obtained through a subpoena from AT&T, and the affidavit will now be considered as potential evidence by Judge Scott McAfee of Fulton Superior Court. This development could have significant implications for the case.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, it has been revealed‍ that Wade and Willis had a romantic relationship. Trump and his co-defendant, Mike ⁤Roman, have accused Willis of having an inappropriate ⁣involvement with Wade, who was hired to bring charges against Trump in the election meddling case.

While Wade testified that their relationship began in 2022, the Atlanta Constitutional Journal has reported⁣ that the affidavit contradicts​ this claim.

“Trump’s lawyers relied on data collected from Wade’s cell⁣ phone and cellphone tower transmissions to track his movements. It seems to contradict Wade’s testimony last week in which he said he had visited Willis at her condo in Hapeville no more than 10 times before he was ​hired in November 2021. It also‍ indicates Wade twice arrived ‌late at night at the condo and left early the next morning in the months before Willis⁤ and Wade said their relationship became romantic early in 2022. Both Wade ⁢and Willis testified last week that they did not spend the night together at ⁤the Hapeville condo. The timeline is important ​for⁣ two reasons. ⁣If Willis and Wade were a couple before she hired him, it raises the prospect that she may have violated at least the spirit of⁣ anti-nepotism rules, though⁢ Fulton’s⁢ policy specifically focuses on family members. More​ importantly, both ‍Willis and Wade have testified⁢ under oath that the relationship began in 2022. If ⁤defense⁣ attorneys can prove that they lied under ‌oath, it could constitute⁢ perjury,” the Atlanta Constitutional ‍Journal reported.

According ‍to the affidavit, Willis and Wade exchanged 2,000 phone calls and nearly 12,000 text messages in the first ‍eleven months of 2021. These records further support the claims made against them.

During his⁢ testimony, Wade⁤ dismissed the phone records, stating that they would be ​”wrong” if they contradicted‌ his statements.

“So, ‍if⁣ phone records were to⁤ reflect that ⁢you were making phone calls from the same location as the condo before⁢ Nov. 1 of 2021, and it ⁣was on multiple occasions, the​ phone records would be wrong?” Trump’s attorney questioned Wade.

“If phone records reflected that? Yes, sir,” Wade replied.

“They’d⁢ be wrong?” the lawyer pressed.

“They’d be wrong,” Wade concluded.

As‍ this case unfolds, it is clear that the ‌stakes are high for both sides. The truth behind the alleged perjury and the ⁤nature⁢ of the relationship between Wade and Willis will have significant implications​ for the outcome ⁢of the trial.

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What ‌significance do the phone records and text messages exchanged between special prosecutor Nathan Wade and prosecutor Willis‌ hold in supporting⁤ the claims made against them and the‌ credibility of the case against Donald⁣ Trump

Ations ​not only ⁢for the​ case against Donald Trump but also for the credibility‍ of the ⁢legal system.

The emergence of new evidence in the form of phone records and an affidavit⁢ raises ‍serious concerns about the integrity ​of ‍the special​ prosecutor, Nathan ⁣Wade. His contradicting testimony regarding ⁤the number of visits to Willis’s residence, coupled with‍ the revelation of their romantic relationship, undermines the‌ trustworthiness of his statements. If it ⁢can be ⁤proven that Wade ​lied under oath,‌ it would constitute perjury and could have severe repercussions for the case.

Furthermore, the⁣ implications of ⁤the alleged relationship between Wade and Willis ⁢go‍ beyond the issue of ⁤perjury. Trump and ⁣his co-defendant, Mike ‌Roman, have accused Willis of having‍ an inappropriate involvement with Wade, who was specifically​ hired to bring charges against Trump. This ⁤raises questions about the impartiality and ‍integrity of the prosecution’s ‍case. If it is‌ found that Willis had a personal relationship ​with the special ‍prosecutor before hiring him, it⁣ could ⁣raise‌ doubts about her adherence to ‌anti-nepotism⁤ rules and her ability to carry out her ⁢duties objectively.

The phone records and⁣ text messages exchanged between Wade and Willis provide further support ‍for the claims made against them. The sheer number of exchanges suggests a level of personal involvement that goes beyond a strictly professional relationship. These records, along‌ with the⁣ contradictory ‍testimony, constitute significant evidence that cannot ⁤be ignored.

As Judge Scott ⁣McAfee considers the new evidence,⁢ it ⁣is crucial for the integrity of⁢ the ‌legal process that he ⁣thoroughly investigates the allegations of ‌perjury and the ‍possible​ conflict⁣ of interest. The outcome⁤ of this case⁤ will ‌have far-reaching implications, ‌not only for the individuals involved​ but also for⁤ public trust ⁤in the legal ‍system.

In conclusion, the new evidence that ​has emerged in‌ the case against former ‌President Donald ⁤Trump raises serious concerns about the credibility⁣ of the special prosecutor and the integrity of the prosecution.⁢ The alleged perjury and‍ the nature ​of the personal relationship between‌ the ‌special prosecutor ​and the prosecutor herself cast doubt on the fairness and objectivity of the case. It is imperative that Judge McAfee carefully considers the evidence and ⁤ensures that ​justice⁣ is served. The⁣ outcome of this case will ⁣have lasting implications ‍for ⁢the legal system⁢ and public trust ⁢in its functioning.

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