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Trump warns GOP: ‘Last chance to defund’ cases against him

President Donald Trump has urged House Republicans to seize the opportunity to defund what he calls “political‍ prosecutions”⁢ against him and others ‍by the Department of⁤ Justice, as they negotiate a spending​ bill to ‍avoid a government shutdown. In a social media post, Trump emphasized the importance of‍ this deadline and called on Republicans to ​defund the “weaponized Government” of President‌ Joe Biden. He also highlighted ‍the need to end the political ⁤prosecutions against ‌him and fellow Patriots. Trump referenced⁣ previous negotiations on raising the debt limit, stating that Republicans cannot afford to fail ⁢this time and must ⁣use their power to defend the​ United ⁣States.

The‌ Department ‌of Justice has ‍confirmed that activities funded by ‍”permanent indefinite‍ appropriations” will continue ‍during a funding lapse, including the ​Trump prosecutions. However, state charges against Trump in Georgia and New York would not be affected by a⁢ federal shutdown.⁤ The former president faces two federal trials, one related⁢ to his post-2020 ‍election activities and ⁤the other regarding the alleged⁤ mishandling of classified documents. ⁤As the leading‌ GOP candidate for the 2024 election, Trump has‍ denied any wrongdoing and accused the DOJ ⁣and Biden administration⁤ of targeting him ​to prevent his ‌presidential aspirations.

House Republicans are currently divided on how ⁢to proceed with spending legislation, with a small group opposing House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s proposed plan‍ for short-term funding. Rep. Matt Gaetz, who opposes McCarthy’s⁤ plan, echoed Trump’s opposition to the continuing resolution and urged his colleagues⁤ to “hold the line.” If McCarthy fails to⁤ gain support from⁣ his caucus, he may have to make concessions ‍to Democrats to avoid ​a shutdown, a move that ⁢Gaetz believes would cost McCarthy his ‍position as House speaker.

Meanwhile, House‍ Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries criticized Trump’s call for⁢ a government⁤ shutdown, stating⁤ that‍ these ​extreme ⁣actions make⁢ Republicans untrustworthy. When⁣ asked about ⁤a potential shutdown, Trump expressed his willingness to do so if an ​appropriate deal cannot be⁣ reached due to the country’s massive ⁢debt.

As negotiations continue, McCarthy remains‌ determined to persuade his GOP colleagues to ​pass a temporary‍ spending package. However, a group of House Republicans, including members of the Freedom Caucus, joined ⁣forces with Democrats to prevent ⁤consideration of a defense bill. ⁢McCarthy⁣ plans to hold another ⁣vote on the bill after winning over two of the ⁢hard-right Republicans who were​ demanding spending cuts in non-defense-related budgets.

Senate Minority Leader⁣ Mitch McConnell warned House Republicans that a‌ government shutdown⁢ would be detrimental to the ⁣GOP’s political standing. McConnell emphasized that government‍ shutdowns have never resulted in policy changes and have always been politically disadvantageous for⁣ Republicans.

In ‌summary, President Trump is urging ⁣House Republicans‍ to defund political prosecutions against him and others as they⁢ negotiate a spending bill‍ to ​avoid a government shutdown. He believes ⁢this is a crucial opportunity to protect ‌the country and end what he perceives as unjust targeting by the DOJ. However, Republicans are divided⁣ on‌ the best approach, with some ⁢opposing ‌the proposed ⁤plan for ⁢short-term funding. ⁣The outcome of these negotiations will have significant implications for the ​GOP and the future⁢ of government ⁣funding.

⁢What potential​ consequences could arise from defunding the Department of Justice ⁣and how do they impact the integrity of the justice system

Ng. ​This group, led⁢ by Representatives Jim Jordan⁣ and Marjorie Taylor Greene, are pushing for a more aggressive approach, calling for a⁣ complete defunding of the⁢ Department⁣ of Justice. They argue that ⁣this⁤ is a necessary step⁢ to hold the ⁤Biden administration accountable for what⁢ they perceive‍ as⁣ politically motivated prosecutions.

On the other hand, more moderate Republicans,‍ including Representative Liz Cheney, have expressed concerns about ⁣the consequences ​of​ a government shutdown. They argue that ⁤it is important to address the funding issues without jeopardizing the functioning of ‌essential government services. While they⁤ do share the concerns ​about the alleged political bias within the DOJ, they believe that a more measured and ⁤strategic approach is‌ necessary.

The clash within the Republican party reflects the deep divisions that continue to persist following the‌ contentious 2020 election. President Trump’s influence remains strong within the party, and his calls to defund ​the Department of Justice ⁣have‍ resonated with a significant portion of his supporters. However,⁤ there are voices within the party that recognize the potential harm of such a move.

It is important to note​ that defunding ‍the Department of⁤ Justice would have far-reaching consequences beyond ⁤the⁣ Trump prosecutions. The DOJ plays a vital role in upholding⁤ the rule of law, investigating‍ crimes, and ensuring the fair administration of justice. Cutting off its funding would not only disrupt ongoing investigations but also undermine the very foundations ⁤of the justice system.

Moreover, ⁢the constitutionality of ⁢defunding the Department of Justice​ solely ⁢to prevent what President Trump perceives ‍as “political prosecutions” is questionable. The Department ⁣of Justice is an independent agency⁤ tasked with enforcing the law, and​ its actions should be guided by​ legal ⁢principles, not political ‌considerations. By attempting​ to defund the DOJ in this manner, House Republicans risk undermining the separation of ⁣powers and compromising the integrity of the justice system.

As negotiations on the spending ‍bill continue, it is crucial for House Republicans to consider​ the long-term consequences​ of their actions. Defunding the Department of Justice as ⁢a means to address perceived political ⁢bias is a dangerous precedent that could be exploited in the future by any political party. Republicans must find a ‌balance between holding the Biden administration accountable and ensuring the stability and integrity of‍ the government.

Ultimately, the decision ​on how to proceed with the ‍spending bill will have significant implications for both⁤ the Republican ‌party and the nation as a whole. It remains to⁣ be seen whether House Republicans will heed President ​Trump’s ‌call to ‍defund what he sees as “political prosecutions” or opt for a more ‍measured approach.​ In any case, the Republican party ⁢must carefully consider ⁢the ‍potential consequences‍ and⁣ uphold the principles that ‍form the foundation⁤ of our democracy.

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