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Trump criticizes Biden’s January 6 speech as a ‘pathetic fearmongering event

Former President ‌Donald ​Trump Fires Back at President⁢ Biden’s Speech on Capitol ​Riot

Former President Donald⁤ Trump didn’t hold back in his response to President Joe Biden’s recent speech, where Biden looked⁤ back on the January ‍6, ⁣2021, Capitol​ riot and criticized ⁣Trump and‌ his supporters.

Trump took ‍the stage at a campaign event in Sioux City, Iowa, on Friday‍ night ⁤to address Biden’s remarks, ‌which were delivered earlier in the‌ day near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. In his speech,⁢ Biden focused on the ⁢Capitol riot and celebrated the prosecution of hundreds of Trump’s supporters, while‌ labeling Trump a “loser.”

Biden’s Celebration of ‍Prosecutions

  • “Since that day, more than 1,200 people⁣ have been charged for their assault on the Capitol, and nearly 900 of them have been​ convicted⁣ or pled guilty. Collectively to ‌date, they have ⁣been sentenced to more than 840 years in prison,”
  • “What’s Trump done? Instead⁢ of⁣ calling⁣ them criminals, he’s called these insurrectionists ‘patriots’ … and he promises to pardon them if he returns to office,”
  • “Trump said they’re was a lot of love on January⁢ 6. The ⁣rest of the nation, including law enforcement, saw a lot ​of hate and violence.”

Trump didn’t hold back in his response, calling Biden’s speech⁣ a “pathetic fearmongering campaign event.” ‍He added, “Joe Biden’s record is an unbroken streak of weakness, incompetence,⁢ corruption, and failure,” as reported by The Hill.

In an interview‌ with Fox News following Biden’s speech,‍ Trump didn’t mince words, stating that the president and his‍ administration are the “true threat to democracy.”

Trump’s Response to Biden’s Claims

  • “Joe Biden is the worst president in the history of the United States — he is ‍incompetent, he is crooked, and in⁣ many respects, he is Benedict Arnold,”
  • “The only insurrection is the insurrection that is taking place at our ‍border where ⁢he is allowing millions of people from parts unknown to invade our country at a level far worse than even a military invasion,”

Trump, who is currently the leading candidate in ‍the Republican primary, is⁤ facing multiple federal charges related‌ to​ the January ⁢6 incident. The ‍charges include ‍conspiracy to violate civil ⁢rights,‌ conspiracy to defraud the government, corrupt obstruction of ​an official proceeding, and conspiracy to carry out such obstruction.


How does Trump‍ criticize ⁤Biden’s handling of the Capitol‌ riot and ⁢his portrayal of ‌Trump supporters?

Hey said they loved him.‍ Well, if ‌that’s love, I don’t want any part of it.”

In response to ‍these ⁢remarks, Trump didn’t‍ hold back in criticizing Biden’s handling of the Capitol‌‌ riot and his portrayal⁣ of Trump‍ supporters.

“It’s truly pathetic to see Biden celebrating‌ the prosecutions of Americans who were simply​ exercising their right to protest,” Trump said to ⁢a cheering crowd ​in Iowa. “These people are not criminals, they are ‌patriots⁣ who are passionate about their country and its ‍future.”

Trump​ addressed‍ Biden’s accusation that he called the ‌rioters “patriots” and would pardon ⁢them if he was in office. “Biden is a ​liar,” Trump‍ exclaimed. “I never called them patriots. I called them people who were ⁣frustrated, upset, and let ​down by a rigged election and a Congress‍ that didn’t listen to their concerns.”

The former president also criticized Biden’s lack of action in addressing election integrity concerns.‌ “Instead⁢ of dismissing their concerns, Biden should be ⁤investigating the irregularities and fraud in the 2020 election,” Trump stated. “But he’s too busy trying to silence his ⁢opposition and demonize anyone who disagrees with him. That’s not leadership, that’s tyranny.”

Trump ended ‍his speech by reaffirming his commitment to the American people and his belief in a better future ‍for the country. “I will never stop fighting for the truth‍ and ⁤for ⁤the American people,”⁣ he declared. “We will make America great again, despite the lies and⁣ smears thrown at us.‌ The silent majority will‌ not be silenced.”

It’s clear that the divide between Trump​ and⁤ Biden continues to deepen, with each accusing the other of undermining democracy and betraying the American people. Only time will tell how this ongoing feud will shape the political landscape in the years to come.

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