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Trump sees potential cabinet members in some 2024 GOP rivals.

Former 𝅺President Donald Trump​ Sees 𝅺Potential in GOP Candidates for His Cabinet

In a⁣ recent‍ interview with Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo, former President ⁤Donald Trump expressed his⁢ belief that some of his ⁤fellow GOP presidential candidates would make excellent cabinet ⁣members if he were ⁢to𝅺 win the 2024 election. Not ⁤only𝅺 that, but he also hinted‌ at ​the ‍possibility ‍of a potential running mate for the vice president⁤ position.

“You have𝅺 some⁤ very talented people.⁣ I’ve been ‌impressed with some ‍of them. A number of them⁢ called me up, not for ‌permission, but ⁤sort of, to ⁢say⁢ they’d​ like to do it,” Trump ‍shared. “I think you have ⁣good‍ people, good potential ‍cabinet members.”

It’s‌ clear that Trump⁣ has⁢ high⁣ regard for these individuals ⁢and𝅺 their abilities. He believes they possess ⁣the ⁢necessary𝅺 skills and qualifications to serve in key𝅺 positions 𝅺within ⁢his ⁢administration.

Trump Leads the Pack in Recent Polls

A recent analysis⁢ by Real Clear Politics ⁢reveals that Trump⁤ is currently⁣ leading in‍ all the ‌polls, with an ‌impressive RCP average of 53%. Meanwhile, ⁤Governor‍ Ron DeSantis polls at𝅺 20.6%, making him the closest⁤ competitor.

On ‍the⁤ other‌ hand,‍ other GOP‍ candidates like‍ former vice president⁣ Mike Pence, former South⁤ Carolina ⁤Governor Nikki Haley, Senator Tim ‌Scott (R-SC), and entrepreneur‌ Vivek​ Ramaswamy are struggling to ‌gain traction. ⁢They are currently polling in‍ the single ‍digits and𝅺 have‍ yet to break into double digits.

If Trump’s predictions hold true,⁣ we may see some familiar faces in𝅺 his potential ⁢cabinet lineup.𝅺 Only time will𝅺 tell who will ⁤ultimately ‍join his team should he ⁢secure‌ the presidency once again.

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