Trump Says Manchin Is ‘Doing The Right Thing’ By Opposing The End Of Filibuster

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Former President Donald Trump said Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin is doing the right thing by opposing the end of a filibuster Monday.

During an appearance on Fox Business, Trump was asked about Manchin’s stance on the filibuster, to which he said without Manchin, Democrats would be packing the court.

“Well, it’s a very important thing. He’s doing the right thing and it’s a very important thing,” Trump said. “Otherwise you’re going to be packing the court. You’re going to be doing all sorts of very, very bad things that were unthinkable and we’re never even brought up during the election. Nobody brought this stuff up.”


As Democrats control the House, Senate and White House, there has been discussion about possibly voting to eliminate the filibuster. Abolishing the filibuster would allow any legislation to pass with a simple majority. (RELATED: ‘The New Mitch McConnell’: Jamaal Bowman Tears Into Joe Manchin Over Opposition To HR1)

With Manchin coming out against abolishing the filibuster, it makes it highly unlikely it could happen, as Democratic Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has also said she will not vote to do so. (RELATED: Manchin Comes Out Against Democrats’ Election Bill)

Manchin published an op-ed on Sunday sharing his opposition to H.R. 1, a bill that would nationalize election laws, breaking with Democrats once again.

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