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Trump said something ‘nasty’ to Putin that prevented him from entering Ukraine.

Trump Reveals ‘Very Nasty’ Thing He Said to Putin That Kept Him Out of Ukraine

Former President Donald Trump has claimed that he prevented Russian President Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine during his tenure by making a threatening pledge to the dictator. Trump made the revelation during a town hall event with Sean Hannity of Fox News on Thursday in Clive, Iowa.

“I said, ‘You’re not going to do it. And if you do it, we’re going to have problems like you’ve never had before.’”

Trump insinuated that he told Putin he’d strike Moscow with military force if the Russian leader proceeded with an invasion. Hannity asked Trump to clarify, to which Trump responded with discretion.

“I said things that were very bad, very nasty,” the former president said.

Trump added that his remarks involved Russia’s capital. The former president and leading GOP contender in 2024 has recounted a story of threatening Putin with American military force to deter Russian aggression before.

Trump also noted that similar rhetoric proved effective in dissuading China and its president from being overly aggressive with Taiwan.

“I had the same conversation with President Xi [Jinping] about Taiwan,” Trump said. “I said, ‘President, don’t do it with Taiwan. Don’t even think about doing it with Taiwan.’

“He was never going to do it, and now he’s circling, circling, [and] ships are circling.”

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Would Putin have invaded Ukraine if Trump was still in office?

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