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Trump ramps up ground game in two possible swing states – Washington Examiner

The summary discusses how Donald Trump’s ‌presidential campaign has been relatively slow to implement its ground ‌operations compared to Joe Biden’s campaign. Recently, however, Trump’s campaign has received a significant increase in funding, enabling it to expedite its efforts. According‌ to a memo​ mentioned ⁤in the text, the Trump ⁢campaign is set to open eight new offices in Minnesota⁤ and 11 in Virginia as⁣ part of its ​expansion strategy⁢ in these key ​states.

Former President Donald Trump‘s campaign has been slower than President Joe Biden‘s in rolling out their ground game, but with a recent influx of cash they’re rearing to go.

The Trump campaign plans to roll out eight offices in Minnesota and 11 in Virginia, according to a memo obtained by CBS News. Both states had been assumed to go for Biden in the general election, but new efforts could put them both in reach of Trump.

In the memo, the Trump campaign political director, James Blair, said these offices will open up “at least 12 additional pathways to 270.” Presidential candidates must reach 270 electoral votes to win. Minnesota boasts 10 electoral votes, and Virginia has 13.

Recent reporting has Republicans seeing more and more hope in Virginia — polling shows Trump cutting into President Joe Biden’s lead in the state. That’s on top of the fact the state has a popular Republican governor and a state legislature that is only narrowly controlled by Democrats.


Trump has also long pined for Minnesota and came within two points of former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton in 2016. However, the state hasn’t gone to a Republican presidential nominee since President Richard Nixon and currently has a Democratic trifecta.

Polling from FiveThirtyEight in Minnesota shows Biden up by 2.7%, down from the seven-point margin he won with in 2020.

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