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Trump anticipates being arrested and indicted by Special Counsel Jack Smith in the 2020 election case.

Former⁤ President Donald Trump

Former⁢ President Donald​ Trump made ⁤a stunning revelation ​on‍ Tuesday. He shared that ⁢he has been informed ⁣by special counsel Jack Smith that he is now a criminal target‌ of a⁣ Washington, D.C. ⁤grand⁢ jury.‌ This‍ grand jury ‍is ‍investigating⁣ his alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

In a⁣ surprising announcement ⁤on ‍Truth Social, ‍Trump revealed ​that he received a⁢ “target letter” from Smith’s‌ office on Sunday ‌night.‌ The letter offered him the opportunity ​to appear before the grand jury this ⁢week. While ‌it remains unclear what charges Trump would ​face, this ⁣development suggests that another indictment⁤ could ‍be on the ⁣horizon. It is worth‌ noting ⁢that Trump is‌ already‌ facing⁣ indictments ​in ⁤Manhattan for⁤ alleged⁤ “hush money” payments to⁢ Stormy Daniels and in Florida for mishandling​ sensitive documents, as per ⁢Smith’s office.

Trump took to the social media platform to express his frustration,⁢ calling Jack Smith‍ “deranged” ⁢and ​accusing ‌him of being ⁢part ​of Joe ⁢Biden’s ⁣Department ⁢of Justice. He highlighted the​ urgency of the situation, stating​ that he was given a mere ⁢four days to report to‌ the ‌grand ‌jury, which ‌typically indicates⁣ an ‌imminent ‍arrest and indictment.

A​ hearing for the classified documents‌ criminal case⁢ is⁣ scheduled for⁣ Tuesday‌ before​ Florida‍ District Judge Aileen Cannon. Trump’s legal ⁣team is seeking a delay⁣ until after the 2024 ‌election, while Smith’s team is pushing for the ‌case ‌to proceed​ as⁤ planned.

In‍ addition to these⁣ three ⁤indictments, Trump⁣ is ⁣also under investigation by a‍ Georgia​ state ‍prosecutor for his ⁢alleged ‍attempt ⁢to⁣ overturn Biden’s narrow ⁢victory in the Peach State ‌during⁣ the 2020 election.

Despite⁣ these mounting ⁢legal troubles, Trump continues ⁢to lead a large ⁢Republican primary field in the race ‌for‍ the 2024⁤ GOP presidential nomination. According to a recent Morning⁢ Consult⁤ poll, Trump‌ holds a commanding ‌lead⁤ at 55%, ⁣followed ⁣by Florida Governor ‍Ron⁤ DeSantis⁣ at 20%,​ businessman Vivek Ramaswamy​ at‍ 8%, ⁢and​ Trump’s former vice ⁣president, Mike Pence, ‍at⁣ 7%.

This⁣ is a developing ⁣story. Please check back for updates.

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