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Trump Campaign Swats Down Heritage Foundation Transition Effort Led by Longtime DeSantis Ally

Foundation president Kevin ‌Roberts praises DeSantis’s ​’courage’ ‍and education ‌policies

(Trump White House Archived, YouTube)

The Trump campaign distances itself from a transition ‍project led by ‌the Heritage Foundation and other aligned groups. These groups have been screening staffers for a potential second Trump‌ administration and using social media posts to identify dissenters.

Trump advisers ‌Susie Wiles and Chris LaCivita make it clear that ⁣the campaign does not authorize these⁤ plans in any way.

The campaign states,⁢ “Any ⁣personnel lists, policy agendas, or government plans published anywhere ⁤are merely suggestions. Policy recommendations from external allies are just that—recommendations.”

Although the‍ Trump campaign does not ‌mention the ‌Heritage Foundation by name, it is the conservative think tank behind the largest effort to “prepare for the next conservative presidential administration” ⁢through Project ‍2025. This‌ project involves numerous Trump⁤ administration loyalists.

Outside of Project 2025, the Heritage ‍Foundation has closely collaborated with Florida governor Ron DeSantis, who is challenging Trump for the Republican nomination.

Heritage Foundation president Kevin Roberts and others have regularly met⁣ with Governor ⁢DeSantis in Tallahassee and have influenced his​ stance on Ukraine, particularly his controversial characterization‌ of the conflict ​as a “territorial dispute,” according⁣ to a Reuters report.

Roberts⁢ has publicly praised​ DeSantis’s “courage” and⁤ his efforts in “punishing woke companies,” “expanding school choice,” and “defending religious‍ liberty.”⁣ Under Roberts’s leadership, the⁣ Heritage Foundation has ‌recognized DeSantis’s Florida as the top​ state in the nation ⁤for “education freedom” on⁢ two​ occasions.

DeSantis has even spoken ‌at Heritage events, delivering a foreign​ policy speech at the think tank’s Washington, D.C., headquarters in October, where he criticized‌ President Joe Biden’s approach to Ukraine.

The Heritage Foundation declined ⁤to comment, and both the Trump and DeSantis ⁢campaigns did not respond to requests for‌ comment.

Recent media attention has focused on Heritage’s Project 2025 and its ties to Trump. An Axios report‌ states that the‍ project is⁤ “undeniably a Trump-driven operation,”⁣ highlighting McEntee’s role as a senior adviser. However, the Trump campaign dismisses these⁤ reports as “purely speculative”‍ and “largely unfounded.”

The campaign ⁢emphasizes that their main focus is defeating Joe Biden and achieving victory in the upcoming election. They acknowledge the‍ value of planning a transition back to the Oval Office but consider these‍ press reports to be unnecessary distractions.

In what ways ‌has Governor ‍DeSantis demonstrated strong conservative leadership, according to Kevin Roberts

Name, it‍ is clear that they are distancing themselves from the transition project led by the Foundation and other aligned groups. The decision to screen staffers and identify dissenters through social media posts has been met with criticism and controversy. It is​ important to note that the ​Trump campaign does not endorse or ⁣authorize these plans in any way.

In the midst of this controversy, Foundation president Kevin Roberts ⁤has come forward to ‍praise Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for his “courage” and education policies. Roberts, who leads one of the most influential conservative think tanks in the country, ⁣commends DeSantis for his bold stance on various⁢ issues and his commitment to improving education in Florida.

DeSantis has been ‌a rising star in the⁣ Republican party since his election as governor in 2018. He has tackled significant‌ challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic and has implemented policies that have resonated with conservatives across the ⁤country. One of his most notable moves was to ‌reopen Florida’s economy⁢ amidst⁤ pressure to implement ​stricter lockdown measures.

Roberts applauds DeSantis’s decision to prioritize education and school choice in Florida. The governor has been a strong‌ advocate for expanding school choice options, including scholarships for low-income students ⁣to attend private schools. This approach has been met with praise from conservatives who believe in the power of competition and choice to drive improvement‌ in education.

Furthermore, DeSantis has‌ taken steps to combat the indoctrination of left-wing ideologies in schools. He recently signed a bill banning the teaching of critical race theory​ in Florida’s ​public schools, a move that has generated both support and criticism. Roberts commends DeSantis for his willingness​ to confront controversial issues head-on and for defending conservative values in education.

As ⁤the ⁤Foundation president, Roberts recognizes the significance of strong conservative⁤ leadership at the state level. He believes that DeSantis is setting an example for other governors and conservative leaders across the country. Roberts emphasizes the need for bold, principled leaders who ⁤are willing to take on the ⁣status quo and fight​ for conservative values.

In conclusion, the Trump campaign’s distancing from the Heritage Foundation and other aligned groups’​ transition project ‌has caused a stir ⁣within conservative circles. However, amidst this controversy, Foundation president Kevin Roberts has publicly praised Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for his “courage” and education policies. DeSantis’s commitment ⁤to school choice and his efforts to combat left-wing indoctrination in⁣ schools have earned him recognition and support from conservatives nationwide. Roberts‌ sees DeSantis as a‌ strong conservative leader who ​is setting an example for others​ to follow.

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