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Trump labels Biden as a ‘Manchurian candidate’ for China.

Former President Donald Trump Calls President ⁢Joe Biden a “Manchurian Candidate”‌ for China

In his first interview since he was indicted in a third case, Trump passionately criticized Biden for what he perceives as failures ⁣during his presidency. Speaking​ to Eric Bolling of ⁤Newsmax,⁣ the ‍former ​president labeled Biden ⁤as a “Manchurian candidate,” a​ term used to ⁤describe someone ‌who has become a sleeper agent for ​a foreign country, in this case, ⁤China.

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“I⁣ believe we are currently at the weakest ⁢point⁣ in our country’s history, ‍and I truly believe we ​have a Manchurian candidate as our president,”‌ Trump ‌asserted. He continued, “This president ⁢is fully compromised, driven by fear of China. I suspect they have paid him a significant amount of money, and he is desperate ​to keep it hidden from the public.”

Trump further revealed, “$2​ million ‌has been ‌deposited into various accounts belonging to his family. It’s an enormous sum of money…⁣ I firmly believe that⁤ China has⁣ paid him ​a fortune.”

Expressing concern about⁢ the state of Sino-American relations, Trump exclaimed, “China is devouring our opportunities.” He claimed ​that China’s influence is expanding into Cuba ‌and much of South America, emphasizing that this would not have occurred if he were still ⁤president.

The former president concluded by urging Republican members of Congress to proceed with the impeachment⁢ of ‍Biden⁢ based on the evidence of ⁤corruption gathered by House Oversight Committee Chairman⁣ James Comer (R-KY) and his team.

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