Trump accuses DeSantis of copying his border security plan.

Former President Donald Trump accuses Gov. Ron DeSantis of copying his immigration plan

Former President Donald Trump has accused Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) of copying his immigration plan, sparking a heated exchange between the two political heavyweights. Trump made these remarks during an interview with Semafor and ABC News while aboard his plane. Both Trump and DeSantis are currently vying for the top spot in the 2024 GOP presidential primary field, making their rivalry even more intense. Despite DeSantis’s declining poll numbers, he remains a formidable opponent for Trump and continues to be the former president’s primary target.

Trump claims DeSantis’s plan is a replica of his own

During the interview, Trump boldly stated, “Well, his plan is my plan.” He went on to say that DeSantis has essentially copied everything he said, including policies like catch and release and finishing the border wall. Trump also addressed DeSantis’s call for the use of deadly force against immigrants suspected of trafficking drugs, asserting that he had already implemented such measures and would do so again if necessary.

“You have no choice,” Trump emphasized, highlighting the dangers posed by drug dealers. He pointed out that these criminals are responsible for an average of 500 deaths throughout their lifetime due to the drugs they sell.

DeSantis fires back at Trump’s criticism

In response to Trump’s accusations, a representative from DeSantis’s campaign referred to the governor’s recent comments on Fox News. During the interview, DeSantis criticized Trump for failing to fulfill his campaign promises regarding border security in 2016.

“Well, he said that in 2016 as well and then didn’t do it,” DeSantis stated, referring to Trump’s border security plan.”>mass deportation pledge. He added that while some actions were taken, they were not extraordinary, and he believes his administration would be more assertive in addressing the migrant crisis.

The battle over immigration policies intensifies

The Trump team has been relentless in its attacks on DeSantis since the governor unveiled his border security plan. Trump’s campaign has sent out numerous emails accusing DeSantis of plagiarizing his immigration policies. This ongoing feud between the two political heavyweights shows no signs of slowing down.

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