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Trial Scheduled for Daughter of MLB Hall of Famer – She Faces Serious Charges After a Discovery in the Woods

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 By Matthew Bush  May 14, 2023 at 2:10pm A trial has been set for Alexandra Eckersely, the daughter of Hall of Fame baseball player Dennis Eckersley, for January 2024.

According to local news station WMUR-TV in Manchester, New Hampshire, Eckersley was indicted by a grand jury in January on charges of “second-degree assault, falsifying physical evidence and reckless conduct.”

The charges stemmed from Dec. 26 when Eckersley gave birth to a son in the woods in New Hampshire.

The New York Post reported that temperatures were below freezing that night, but after giving birth Eckersley allegedly left her son in the tent where she and her boyfriend were living at the time.

After Eckersley gave birth, she “allegedly led first responders astray for more than an hour by failing to give them the real location of the baby,” WMUR-TV reported.

Kim Kossick, Eckersley’s attorney, had a different version of events for that night.

“She was bleeding. She had medical complications after this happened, still,” Kossick told WMUR. “They had no concern for her welfare at all. And frankly, I think they’re very lucky that something worse didn’t happen to her.”

When offered a settlement deal by the state, Kossick reportedly just laughed and turned the deal down.

Will Eckersley be convicted?

“The state is correct. I did laugh,” Kossick said. Prosecutors say they want prison time, but Kossick said after the hearing that prison time is not warranted.

“Everything is going great. There’s nothing bad to say about her,” Kossick stated. “The idea that this person who had a medical emergency should go to prison is laughable, and that’s why I laughed.”

George Theberge, Eckersley’s then-boyfriend, was arrested in conjunction with the incident as well.

Since Eckersley’s arrest, her defense team stated Eckersley is sober and finished all her rehabilitation programs. She sees her son twice a week, and he is doing great, according to the outlet.

“She just saw him yesterday,” Kossick told WMUR-TV. “I’ve seen tons of pictures of him. He’s beautiful and healthy.”

Eckersley is the adopted daughter of Hall of Fame closer Dennis Eckersley who is most well known for his time with the Oakland Athletics.

Dennis Eckersley’s daughter’s trial is scheduled for five days beginning on Jan. 22 so there is still time for the state and defense to come to an agreement.

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