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Treat Depression, Migraines, Chronic Fatigue With Magnesium’s Force of 10

Treat Depression, Migraines, Chronic Fatigue With Magnesium’s Force of 10

‘You need to ask yourself one question – “Do I feel lucky?” – Well do you, punk?’
–Harry Callahan (aka Dirty Harry)

Indeed, Dirty Harry‘s timeless catch phrase could have as equal an application to your magnesium intake as it did to 1970s-San Francisco ‘street punks!’

The reason being, if you’re experiencing any matter of health symptoms, from depression and fatigue to high-blood pressure and inflammation, your magnesium levels could be “the culprit.”

Here I outline the “Magnesium Force” of 10 compounds, from magnesium taurate for staving of diabetes to magnesium chloride for easing constipation and heartburn.

Find out which magnesium variant could be “good for what ails you” in this #Vitalsigns with Brendon Fallon.

Vital Signs’ guests and contributors offer general information on improving health and wellness. This is not intended as diagnosis or medical advice. You should consult your medical doctor or holistic doctor before enacting any suggested strategies for health and wellness improvement, including those in relation to preventing or treating specific diseases featured on this program.

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