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Expert: Transgenderism Emotionally Exploits Individuals

The Gender Industry: Exploiting Emotions and Manipulating‍ Young Minds

Alasdair Gunn, vice director ⁣of advocacy⁣ Genspect, warns that the gender industry has “parasitized” people’s emotions by pushing the transgender ⁣agenda, including hyping up⁢ claims⁤ about suicidality risk among people ​who feel different about their sex.

In⁤ an interview with Jan Jekielek on the August 17 episode of “American Thought Leaders,” Mr. Gunn ⁣suggested that even though ⁣the gender industry​ presents itself as some sort of social welfare group, it ⁣is‍ purely a business​ exploiting ​people’s feelings. “They say⁣ their ‌little messages about they’re⁤ saving trans lives, ⁢and they put little hearts ⁤and⁣ unicorns and rainbows. The surgeons aren’t charity workers, ​they’re ⁣being paid. The people who‍ hold‌ the stocks and shares … they’re not ⁤doing ‍it‍ out of the goodness of their [hearts]. This is an ​industry. And I think‍ that it’s an abnormal industry,” ⁣he said.

“It’s an industry which has managed to‍ rig all sorts of quite ‍deeply emotional things in order to serve itself by bringing statutes of limitations ⁤down to absurdly short lengths so that if ​you regret ​your surgery after three years, in some ​states in the United States, it’s too late. Three years. So, you’ve got the rest of your life with ⁢a body part that you⁢ don’t⁣ want.”

“So, it’s parasitized⁣ people’s emotions.”

Mr. Gunn’s Genspect is an organization ⁣seeking to broaden treatment options available for people⁢ questioning their gender ‍beyond just “gender-affirming care.”

He brought attention to the suicide angle of‌ the transition agenda. Some people claim that children who feel they ⁢ belong to a different gender but do not transition could be at a higher risk of suicide.

Mr. Gunn pointed out that there is a “script” used to push young people into the path of gender transitioning. Youngsters ⁤receive the “script” from their friends, he claimed.

“I think the⁢ best way to think about this script​ is,⁤ it’s like if ​your child⁢ found a poem that resonated. The feeling is probably real. But the information ⁣in it⁣ is not real. So ‌when they say ‘I’m at‍ risk of​ suicide,’ this is something they’ve learned ‍from their friends.”

“Now, we’ve actually no‍ evidence of that. ‌It’s a⁤ very complicated ​and thorny issue, but there’s no evidence of that. They tell one another,​ and ‌they believe it, ‍that they’re at great risk of suicide if they ⁢don’t transition.”

Mr. Gunn pointed out that while certain‍ studies do show that suicidality is higher‍ among some young people who question their gender,‍ there are studies showing⁤ that‍ suicidal tendencies are even higher among bisexuals.

However, “We don’t take⁢ all bisexuals and say, ‘Right, we must rush you to a doctor,'” he said. “That’s not necessarily a medical issue.‍ And it’s certainly not evidence of a ‍bodily problem, a physiological problem.”

In December, ⁤a new⁣ treatment guide released by the Gender Exploratory Therapy Association (GETA), an organization of professionals from the United‍ States and ⁤several other countries, ⁢called the “transition-or-die” scenario used to justify transgender⁣ treatment for minors ‍as inaccurate and ‌”ethically questionable.”

“Children as‌ young as 9–12 may be waiving their ​future right to sexual⁤ function and reproduction long before they are mature enough to comprehend‌ the importance of these functions,” the guide warned.

Manipulating Youngsters

In his interview, Mr. Gunn also highlighted ‌how vulnerable⁢ children can be manipulated online by people who consistently affirm that they⁣ could be transgender.

Such vulnerable children may ​share information with people who encourage them to see⁢ themselves as transgender while⁣ also insisting‍ that “doubt is transphobic.”

‍ A young⁤ girl​ at the⁢ annual New York City ‍Pride March in ⁣New York City, on June 25,⁣ 2023. (Samira Bouaou/The Epoch Times)
​ ⁤

“They’re ‌very often​ told the only people who ​doubt they’re trans ⁣are trans people, which‌ when you‍ think about it as a cognitive sinkhole. Because by that, as soon as you think, ‘right, well, am I ‍trans,’ It’s like ⁢the ground‌ is gone beneath you, and⁣ you’re trans.”

Mr. Gunn ‌pointed to⁣ the presence ⁤of predators⁤ who ⁣may use gender identity confusion among children to manipulate them.

“With this gender identity, it’s very, very clear that⁢ there’s something which ‍has⁣ allowed ​predatory men to be a lot bolder. And to exploit this idea that, ‘well, the adults around you don’t understand your ⁤gender identity, they don’t understand that you’re trans. I do.’

“And‍ it’s been ⁣a disaster. ​And ‍it’s ⁤an unrolling and unfolding disaster for these young people⁣ of both sexes. Because there are ⁣no guardrails, the”

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