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‘Trans Widow’ Exposes Ideology’s Dark Side in Michael Knowles Interview

A⁤ Texas Woman’s Heartbreaking Story: The Real Consequences of the Transgender Movement

A Texas woman named Tracy Shannon, dubbed a “trans widow,” details the devastating impact of⁢ the transgender movement in a sit-down interview released Saturday⁤ with Daily Wire host Michael Knowles.

Shannon shares the heart-wrenching story of how her family ​was ⁢torn apart when ⁤her husband abandoned them — including their three children — to fully embrace his cross-dressing sexual fetish and live a transgender‌ lifestyle.

According to Shannon, her ​husband kept ⁤his cross-dressing ⁤desires a secret before they ‌got married. It wasn’t until four years into their marriage that⁤ she discovered his fetish,⁢ and she made it clear that she was uncomfortable with it. However, he refused ‌to stop.

During the interview, Shannon reveals a‌ shocking incident where her husband wanted to breastfeed their daughter, claiming he was trying to “help” her. Despite Shannon’s protests, he persisted, pressuring her to accept his offer. This was just one example of the many disturbing ​behaviors he exhibited.

Shannon ‌also recounts how her ex-husband fashioned himself a fake pregnancy belly with ⁤large breasts to “understand” her. He paraded around the house, in front of their children, while wearing it and doing Shannon’s chores, despite her pleas for him‍ to stop.

But the disturbing behavior didn’t end there. Shannon discovered ‌that her ‍ex-husband was secretly taking cross-sex hormones during ⁣their marriage,⁢ using the excuse that it was a side effect of his OCD medication. He also had affairs with people online.

When Shannon finally decided to divorce him, she faced a⁢ grueling battle in the‍ Texas courts, a state known for its conservative values. She had to endure‍ debates over “preferred pronouns” and⁣ initially‌ had to share custody of their children, which she believed was not in their best interest given her ex’s lifestyle.

As a⁤ stay-at-home mother who homeschooled their ‌children, Shannon received only $500 a month from her ex, despite his six-figure income. This left her financially devastated, forcing her to move back in with her parents.

Perhaps the most heartbreaking aspect of Shannon’s story is the ‍impact it has ⁣had on their ⁢children. She reveals their embarrassment, the alleged abuse they suffered at⁢ their father’s home, and the six suicide attempts made by ⁤her three children.

Despite the immense⁣ challenges she⁣ has faced, Shannon refuses to⁣ be labeled a bigot for not supporting her ex-husband’s choices. She believes that society should prioritize protecting children and honoring the⁣ truth.

The full interview is available to stream for‌ Daily Wire⁣ subscribers⁣ here.

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