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GOP Leader Outlines Next Moves in Biden Family Probe

More Witnesses and Sources to Come Forward in Investigation of Biden Family, Says House Oversight Committee Chairman

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) has revealed that the committee’s investigation into alleged influence peddling and bribery on behalf of President Joe Biden’s family is gaining momentum, with more witnesses and sources expected to come forward.

“I think we’ve done as much as we could do with the obstacles we’ve had to overcome,” Comer told Fox News over the weekend. “No one thought I would get bank records. No one thought we would get access to the Treasury, Cabinet’s suspicious activity reports, but we would not take no for an answer.”

Comer, who serves as the head of the House Oversight Committee, emphasized the importance of “following the money” in relation to the investigation. He stated, “we have more bank records coming in” and outlined his plans to bring in key figures for depositions. Despite facing opposition from the FBI, Department of Justice, Democrats in Congress, and the mainstream media, Comer expressed confidence in the committee’s progress.

Focus on Indirect Wire Transfers and Whistleblower Allegations

The investigation is currently centered on indirect wire transfers made to members of the Biden family during Joe Biden’s vice presidency. Comer revealed that these wire transfers were conducted through shell companies and involved nine members of the Biden family. He also highlighted the discovery of an FBI 1023 form, which suggests that the Justice Department chose not to investigate whistleblowers’ bribery allegations.

“Even though they will tell you and you heard in the testimony when [Republican Senators] Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley grilled the deputy FBI director as to why they wouldn’t release the Form 1023, they said, ‘Well, we don’t want to endanger the life of our paid informant who’s one of our most trusted, highest paid, most credible FBI informants,'” Comer explained.

Comer raised concerns about the FBI’s failure to investigate the allegations despite the credibility of their informant. He questioned why the FBI did not take action if the informant reported that the vice president of the United States had accepted a bribe from a foreign national in exchange for foreign policy and foreign aid.

Allegations of Federal Agencies Turning a Blind Eye

Comer further alleged that federal agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Justice, have shown reluctance to address the evidence. He claimed that the IRS only focused on possible tax evasion-related claims against Hunter Biden, while ignoring investigations into shell companies and money laundering.

“They didn’t want to investigate the shell companies. They didn’t want to investigate the money laundering. And then we know the Department of Justice hasn’t done anything, so there’s a pattern here where the federal government, the deep state bureaucracies, have turned a blind eye to Joe Biden,” Comer asserted.

Earlier this month, the GOP-controlled House Oversight Committee announced a breakthrough in their efforts. The FBI agreed to provide access to the FD-1023 form that Comer had been seeking for weeks, averting a potential contempt of Congress situation. However, the form remains undisclosed to the public, with Comer and other committee members only able to review it in secret.

“After weeks of refusing t

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