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Tomi Lahren urges conservatives to make a difference by standing up against the culture war.

Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren celebrates success against Target’s LGBT-themed Pride Collection

Conservatives and Christians are making their voices heard! Target’s Pride Collection merchandise, featuring over 2,000 items, was moved to a more discrete location after receiving threats. Tomi Lahren praised the success of those who spoke out against the collection, saying, “This isn’t about being anti-gay or anti-trans. This is about standing up and making sure that families and children can go into a family shopping place, like Target once was, and not be bombarded with what I call ‘pride-paganda’.”

Conservative Power as Consumers

Conservatives are realizing their power as consumers and using it to make a difference. Lahren explained, “Ever since we were able to really tank Bud Light by about 30%, we have realized the conservative power as consumers, and we are taking that and we are running with it.”

Target’s Controversial Products

Target faced criticism for featuring products from Abprallen, a company known to sell occult- and satanic-themed LGBT apparel and accessories. Additionally, the retailer was criticized for selling “tuck-friendly” swimsuits. Lahren stated, “These junk-tucking swimsuits do not belong in the front of the store marketed towards children. It just simply does not belong there. And Target might have to figure that out the hard way.”

Baseball Players and Conservative Values

Lahren also commented on the Los Angeles Dodgers renewing their invite to a group of self-described “queer and trans nuns” for the team’s Pride Night game in June. She called on baseball players to stand up against this and defend their conservative values and beliefs. “If the other side can do it, we should be able to do it as well.”


Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) compared the Dodgers’ backtracking to Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R-FL) feud with Disney, suggesting that the public’s support for traditional family values is why so many “applaud Ron DeSantis taking on Disney.”

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