HBO’s longest running show is coming to an end – it’s time to move on.

The End​ of ​an Era: “Real Sports with Bryant ⁣Gumbel” Concludes After 29 Years

The host of HBO’s longest-running program, “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel,” has acknowledged the end of the hit ⁢magazine series after nearly three ‍decades, saying it’s “time to move on.”

The⁤ 74-year-old⁣ sportscaster, who has been⁤ the host of the show⁤ since its launch in 1995, called ⁤the experience of ‍bringing⁣ a deeper ‍look at sports stories “gratifying” after the ​network announced it would conclude⁢ at ⁤the end of the ‌current 29th season,‍ the Hollywood Reporter reported.

“Since day ⁤one⁢ at ‘Real Sports’ we’ve‍ consistently‌ tried to‍ look beyond ⁢the ‍scoreboard, and⁤ focus instead‌ on the many societal ‍issues‌ inherent in the world of sports,” Gumbel said.

“In‌ the process we’ve had the opportunity to tell complex stories about race, ⁢gender,⁢ class, opportunity ⁣and so much more,” he added. “Being able to do‌ so at HBO‌ for almost three decades has been ‌very‌ gratifying.”

“I’m proud of the imprint we’ve made, so‍ I’m ready to‍ turn ⁢the page,” ⁣Gumbel’s statement continued. “Although goodbyes are never easy, I’ve decided that now’s the ​time to move on.”

Over⁤ the last several decades, more than 300‍ episodes have been broadcast on⁣ the network. Gumbel won a lifetime​ achievement award​ at the 44th Annual Sports Emmy Awards in May.

“For 29 seasons, ‘Real Sports with Bryant‍ Gumbel’ has delivered a masterclass in sports storytelling, garnering 37 Sports Emmy Awards and three Peabody awards in the process,” Casey Bloys, chairman ‌and CEO of HBO and​ Max ​Content ⁣told ⁢THR.

“As the longest running⁢ HBO series, Bryant and his Real Sports team have long been⁢ a cornerstone of HBO programming,” ⁢the chairman added. “The series will continue to resonate in the⁤ realm of sports journalism, and we are so proud ⁢to have been part​ of such a remarkable odyssey.”

Warner⁢ Bros. Discovery said the cutbacks that have taken ‍place following the merger with HBO-Max had nothing to do with the end of HBO’s longest-running ​series, the Associated Press noted.

It ⁢is unclear when the last episode will air.

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