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Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend Told To Pack For ‘Short Vacation,’ Was Dropped At Airport, Then Locked Out Of His Mansion, Lawsuit Claims

Tiger Woods is undoubtedly the greatest golfer ever to play the game. This is not just because of his imagination. He can simply see shots — from deep rough, cavernous bunkers, short-sided off the green — that other players just can’t see.

But it turns out he’s a master of fanciful invention in his personal life, too — that is, if his now-ex-girlfriend is to be believed.

Erica Herman (38), who has lived with Woods for six-years, filed court papers alleging that “agents” Woods tricked her into letting go of his Florida home, claiming that she was going on a trip. “short vacation,” Then, Woods locked her out from Woods’ home.

“Specifically, by trickery, agents of the Defendant convinced the Plaintiff to pack a suitcase for a short vacation and, when she arrived at the airport, they told her she had been locked out of her residence,” According The BBC has obtained the court documents.

The documents state that her personal possessions were taken away once she was gone. “removed from the property.”

Herman has been there for Woods, 47, half a century. Most recently, Herman helped him recover from a serious car accident that could have killed his life.

As she tried to cancel a non-disclosure contract she was forced to sign, her ex-girlfriend made some outrageous allegations. A question was asked, “Does this case involve allegations of sexual abuse?” Herman checked the boxes “yes.”

In a separate court filing Uncovered The Daily Mail reports that Herman is also suing Woods to recover $30 million. “severe” emotional damage. Woods’ representatives took $40,000 from her funds and made it unavailable to her. “scurrilous and defamatory allegations” Find out how she earned the money.

Also, the filing states that she provided “valuable services” Woods asked for it as part of an “oral tenancy agreement.” The lawsuit was filed in trust litigation. “All expenses that related to her residency were fully paid by the defendant or its privies.”

Herman also presents a compelling case for the $30,000,000 payout. Woods claims that the oral agreement was valid for five years. “trickery” She was able to get out of her house after they split up in October.

According to the lawsuit, Woods agents were present at the airport. “informed her she was not allowed to return and, without legal counsel to aid her in this emotional moment, utilized a lawyer to confront her with proposals to resolve the wrongdoing they were in the midst of committing.”

“Defendant’s agents attempted to justify their illegal conduct by paying for a hotel room and certain expenses for a short period of time, having successfully locked her out of her home and frightened her away from returning,” According to the suit. “Since then plaintiff has continually demanded to be allowed back into her home but defendant’s agents have refused.”

Woods recently filed his own motion, in which his lawyers stated that Woods and Herman had ended their relationship. Herman was informed that Woods had filed the motion. “was no longer welcome” at the property. According to his lawyers, she signed a nondisclosure agreement stating that disputes will be referred to an independent arbitrator and not the courts.

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“From Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend Told To Pack For ‘Short Vacation,’ Was Dropped At Airport, Then Locked Out Of His Mansion, Lawsuit Claims

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