Throw This Type of Coffee Away

K-Cups Suck

Even John Sylvan, the guy who invented them, thinks they suck. He figured they’d only be used by heartless corporations to caffeinate their despondent employees, or maybe by rumpled police detectives who wanted to coerce a confession out of some serial killer.

America surprised the shit out of him, though. If recent stats can be believed, over 75 million Americans have K-Cup machines or K-Cup knock-offs in their homes and they use them multiple times a day. Americans ignored their high cost, their environmental destructiveness, and their scorched metal taste and filled their cupboards with the tiny pods.

K-Cup drinkers might have a problem, though, and it’s far worse that just having the palates of goats. It seems that people who drink K-Cups – or any kind of unfiltered coffee – might be more susceptible to heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

At least those were the findings of two large Scandinavian studies comparing the effects of filtered coffee to unfiltered coffee (of which K-Cups are an example).

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