Three crucial governor races ignore Biden and Trump in ads, despite their endorsements.

Three Gubernatorial Races‌ Focus on ⁤Local Issues, Minimize Mention of Biden and Trump

Three gubernatorial races in Kentucky, Louisiana, and‍ Mississippi are capturing attention as candidates strategically limit references to President Joe Biden⁢ and former President Donald Trump in their advertisements. ⁤This ​approach suggests that candidates perceive establishment figures within their own parties as potential weaknesses in their campaigns.

The⁤ upcoming‍ November elections for governor in these states, which precede ‍the presidential election by a year,​ have surprisingly seen limited mentions ‌of ⁢Biden‌ and ‍Trump in the ⁢candidates’ ads. Despite the two men‌ dominating national⁣ conversations, the focus in state races has shifted towards‌ highlighting candidates’ ⁢policies on education, public safety, and the economy – three ‍key areas that resonate with voters.

According to the New York Times, out ⁢of nearly 150 ads broadcasted across ⁤the three contests, ‍only one mentioned Trump, while three mentioned Biden. The‍ majority of these ads prioritize showcasing the candidates’ plans and proposals, rather than relying on‌ the ‌influence‌ of the two prominent figures.

“The absence⁢ of Trump‌ from ads indicates that ⁢Republicans may be distancing themselves from his policies and endorsements to appeal to centrist ​GOP and independent ‌voters.”

One⁤ notable exception is an⁣ ad from Governor ⁣Andy Beshear’s ‌(D-KY)⁢ reelection campaign, where he commends his administration for following in Trump’s footsteps by releasing prison inmates early. Despite⁤ Trump winning all three states by significant​ margins in the 2020 election, the​ lack of ‌his presence in ads ⁣suggests that Republicans are seeking to ⁤broaden⁣ their appeal beyond the former president’s base.

Candidates running in the 2023 and 2024 races are keen to avoid a ​repeat ⁢of the midterm elections, where several‌ Trump-endorsed candidates triumphed over their centrist primary opponents but ultimately lost to their Democratic challengers. Trump has ‍already endorsed Republican⁤ Kentucky Attorney​ General Daniel Cameron and ​Louisiana​ Republican⁤ candidate Jeff Landry for the 2023 races. However, he has not ⁤yet endorsed⁢ Governor⁤ Tate​ Reeves (R-MS) for the 2023 election, indicating a potential shift in strategy.

Instead of​ focusing on national figures, an analysis​ by media‍ tracking firm AdImpact reveals⁤ that ⁢attack advertisements highlighting local scandals and‌ controversies are the most‍ prevalent in these three ⁢races.

Kentucky: Crime Takes Center Stage

In Kentucky, crime has emerged as the most advertised issue, with ‍25% of ad spending in the state dedicated to addressing this concern in the past ⁤month, according to AdImpact. The School Freedom Fund released ⁢an ad in mid-August ⁤targeting Governor Beshear’s crime policies, specifically criticizing his commutation of 646 inmates’ sentences ​in 2020. This ad was part of a $2.9 million ad buy in the Lexington and Louisville markets.

Public safety is ‌a consistent talking point for Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s ‍campaign. He positions himself as “THE⁢ law enforcement candidate” and ⁣proudly highlights ‌his endorsement from the state’s largest police union. This endorsement⁣ is particularly significant as the‍ union had⁤ previously endorsed ⁤Beshear in 2019. Cameron attributes the change in endorsement to the “havoc” caused by Beshear’s administration’s perceived lack of‌ tough-on-crime⁢ policies.

“I​ support tough prosecution, ‌tough ​sentencing, and tough enforcement.​ Kentucky law⁤ enforcement knows I have their ‍back. And they have mine. I’m Daniel Cameron.⁣ We need a governor who backs the blue, and that’s‍ exactly the kind of ⁤governor I’ll be,” Cameron declares in one of‍ his ads.

Education Takes Center Stage in ⁤Kentucky and ‌Louisiana

Education is a ‍top⁢ priority for candidates in both Kentucky and Louisiana, with nearly ⁣1 in 5 ad dollars ⁢spent over ‍the past 60 days focusing on ​this ‍issue, according to AdImpact’s analysis.

A group affiliated with⁤ the Republican ⁤Governors Association called Kentucky Values released an ad stating, “The radical Left has declared war on parents, and​ Andy Beshear is with ⁣them.” On ​the other hand, Beshear praises⁢ teachers as⁤ “heroes”‍ in one of⁣ his ads,⁣ promising to ⁣raise‍ their pay and expand universal preschool. He also accuses Cameron ​of supporting voucher ‌programs that divert tax dollars to private schools‌ and wanting to cut pensions promised to Kentucky teachers.

In Mississippi, Governor ⁢Tate Reeves ⁢ran an ad highlighting his ⁤success in‌ swiftly​ reopening schools during the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, Jeff Landry released ⁢an ⁣ad criticizing the “woke” agenda in schools and pledging to prioritize a return‌ to basics⁢ in education.

“Parents, not politicians, deserve ​control. Teachers should be ⁢respected,” Landry asserts in his ‌ad.

Mississippi and Kentucky will hold their general⁣ elections on November 7, while Louisiana’s election will take ⁢place on November 18.

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