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Supermodel Kathy Ireland warns: Pro-life advocacy can end your career

Former Supermodel Kathy Ireland Advocates for the Unborn

Former supermodel Kathy Ireland is using her platform to speak out for the⁢ rights of the unborn. In a recent interview with pro-life activist Lila Rose, Ireland passionately‍ discussed the issue of life.

Ireland, once a renowned Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue model,⁢ has transformed her early success into a multi-billion dollar company called kathy ireland Worldwide (kiWW). As one of the wealthiest former models in the world, she‌ married physician Greg Olsen and together they have three children.

During her conversation with Rose, Ireland emphasized that the pro-life cause is supported by scientific evidence. Reflecting ⁢on her own journey, she admitted, “I didn’t ‌plan to be pro-life. But ⁤once you ​discover the truth and ​realize⁢ that a human ⁤life is at stake, nothing else matters.”

Describing⁢ herself as a ​”slow learner,” Ireland shared how she gradually came‌ to understand that life begins at⁤ conception. As‍ a former pro-choice Christian, she ⁣even reached out to Planned Parenthood to hear their arguments in favor of abortion.⁤ However, she found ​their reasoning ​lacking and felt compelled to ‍fight for the ‍most vulnerable.

“If we witnessed someone murdering a three-year-old on the street, we would intervene,” Ireland passionately stated. “When you acknowledge ⁤that we’re talking about a human being, you do everything ⁤in⁢ your power to stop it.”

Addressing the challenges she faced advocating for life within the Hollywood bubble, Ireland revealed that ‌she was⁢ warned it could ruin her career. However, she dismissed the pushback as irrelevant when compared to the value of a human⁣ life.

Years ‌ago, ‍Ireland⁢ was invited to appear on Bill⁢ Maher’s show “Politically Incorrect.” She agreed to participate⁣ only if ​they discussed ⁤substantial issues like life, rather than superficial topics. Despite warnings from colleagues, she was determined to seize the​ opportunity to ‍speak up for the⁢ unborn.

“If our business suffers, so be it,” Ireland recalled a conversation with a former business partner. ⁤”If just⁢ one ‌woman cancels her appointment after hearing our message, it is absolutely⁣ worth it.”

With unwavering faith, Ireland added, “The Lord will provide. It will all work out.”

Watch the interview below:

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⁣In what ways ‌has‍ Kathy Ireland used her ​business⁣ platform to​ support charitable causes related to the ⁣protection of life

Portant to her because she believes in the inherent value and ⁢dignity‌ of every human life, from conception until natural death. She stated, “I believe ​that every human life,‌ regardless ⁤of how‍ it was conceived or its stage of development, is worth protecting and defending.”

Ireland also spoke ‍about the responsibility she feels as a mother to protect and advocate for the‌ rights⁤ of the unborn. She expressed her concern ‍for the increasing​ number of abortions ‍worldwide and​ the lack of regard ‌for the lives of the most vulnerable ‍members of society. ⁤She emphasized that society should work⁤ towards creating⁤ an ⁢environment where every woman feels supported and empowered to choose life for her unborn child.

As the founder and CEO of kathy ​ireland Worldwide,‍ Ireland has used⁢ her business‌ platform to support various ‌charitable causes, including those related to the protection of life. She has collaborated ⁤with organizations such as March of Dimes and the Elizabeth ‍Taylor AIDS Foundation to raise awareness and funds for‍ their programs. Through her company, she has also provided financial support to crisis pregnancy centers and other pro-life organizations.

Ireland’s advocacy ‍for the unborn is ⁢not limited to her business ventures. She ⁣has actively participated in numerous pro-life events and conferences, where she has shared her personal⁣ story and encouraged others to join​ the cause. Her influence as a former supermodel and successful businesswoman has ⁣allowed her to reach a wide audience ⁢and effectively communicate⁤ her message of defending the rights of the unborn.

In addition to her⁤ pro-life⁢ advocacy, Ireland has also spoken out against the ⁢objectification of women in the fashion industry. As ⁣someone who has‌ experienced the‍ pressures and demands of the modeling world,⁣ she understands the harmful effects it can‌ have on women’s self-esteem and body image. She has been vocal about promoting ⁤healthy body image and ⁤self-acceptance, encouraging women to embrace their uniqueness and ⁣inner beauty.

Ireland’s commitment to both the pro-life cause and the empowerment of women is commendable. Her passion and dedication to these issues have made her‍ a ⁢powerful advocate and role model for many. Through her philanthropy, activism, ⁢and personal example,​ she has demonstrated that it is possible to make a positive impact on society and bring about change.

As former supermodel⁤ Kathy ‍Ireland continues to⁣ use her influential platform to advocate for the rights of the unborn, it is our hope that‌ her​ efforts will inspire others to join in‍ the cause. By protecting and defending⁢ the lives of the most ⁢vulnerable, we can create a world where every human life is‍ valued and cherished.

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