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Palestinian school hosts Hamas parades, webinars with US professors

Birzeit University’s Right to Education Campaign: Building⁢ Tactics of Focused ​Resistance

Palestinian Hamas militants (Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

In ⁤the​ aftermath of ⁢Hamas’s attack on Israel, professors and students‍ from prominent U.S. universities ‍have engaged in virtual discussions ⁣on⁢ the Jewish state’s retaliatory war. These ⁣discussions ‍have been organized by‌ Birzeit⁣ University, a Palestinian institution that proudly ⁣hosts military parades honoring Hamas on its campus.

Birzeit University, located⁣ in ⁣the West Bank, describes itself as “a thorn in ​the‌ side ⁣of the occupation.” It operates the Right to‌ Education Campaign,⁢ a grassroots Palestinian movement ‍that aims to ‌document the impact of Israeli military operations on academic institutions. ​The campaign has recently held several ‍virtual events featuring U.S. professors and students.

One notable webinar titled “Gaza Genocide: An Israeli Crime Against Humanity” featured esteemed professors Richard Falk, Rabab⁣ Abdulhadi, and Robin ‍D.G. Kelley, alongside representatives from⁢ Birzeit and other activists. The‍ discussion ‍focused on the increasing repression under ​Israeli⁣ rule and the⁤ role of the United States in enabling‌ Israeli genocide. ​Palestinian attorney Ahmed Abofoul justified ⁣the Oct. 7 attack​ as a ⁢result‌ of decades of ‌colonialism‍ and apartheid imposed on the Palestinian people.

In addition to​ these events, Birzeit University’s Right to Education Campaign has⁢ organized “virtual teach-ins” with student groups⁣ from the University of Southern California. They have also brought students from ⁤prestigious⁣ American universities ‌to their campus to learn about Israeli violations.

The professors’ association with Birzeit reflects⁤ the​ growing wave of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic ‌activism on American college campuses since Oct. 7.

Birzeit University’s Right ‍to ⁣Education ‍Campaign,‍ established in 1988, aims‍ to ​expose ⁤the systematic⁣ obstruction of Palestinian‌ higher education. It⁢ has developed‌ tactics of focused resistance against Israeli military checkpoints and is currently calling on American universities to support ‍in dismantling Israel’s settler colonial and apartheid system.

Beyond the ‍Right ⁤to Education⁤ Campaign, Birzeit University and its student body have consistently shown support for Hamas. In a​ student government vote, ‌more than half of Birzeit’s students backed the campus⁣ group​ associated with Hamas, known⁣ as “the Islamic Bloc.” The group campaigned under the slogan “Give voice to ‌the resistance” and distributed stickers with rifle emblems.

Following Hamas’s⁤ Oct. 7 attack, Birzeit University proclaimed “glory for martyrs” in a social media post. The school later falsely⁣ accused Israel of bombing a hospital in Gaza, further fueling tensions.

How does the Right to Education Campaign by ‍Birzeit ⁢University⁢ raise‌ awareness about the effects of ​Israeli military operations on academic institutions in Palestine?‍

The Right to⁢ Education Campaign, embarked upon‍ by Birzeit ⁤University, serves ‍as a significant platform for raising‍ awareness about the effects of Israeli military operations on academic institutions​ in Palestine. This‌ grassroots movement has been organizing virtual events that bring together professors‌ and students from‍ renowned U.S. universities,‌ fostering constructive conversations about ⁢the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Birzeit ⁤University, situated⁢ in the ‌West Bank, ‍boldly declares itself as “a thorn in the side of the occupation.” This institution ⁣takes great pride in hosting military parades honoring Hamas⁢ on its campus, a fact that inevitably sparks controversy and debate. However, it is precisely⁣ this controversial ⁢stance that gives Birzeit University ⁢the‌ unique​ position to shed light⁣ on ‌the impact ⁣of the occupation on education and advocate ⁤for ⁤the right to education for all Palestinians.

The Right to ⁣Education Campaign aims to document the repercussions of ⁢Israeli military operations on academic institutions, which include⁣ school closures, targeted attacks on schools and⁣ universities, and⁤ restrictions ‌on freedom of movement for students‌ and teachers. By organizing virtual events, this campaign creates a space for open discussions where the voices of Palestinian​ students and academics can be heard, and their⁢ experiences⁤ shared.

The ⁣involvement of​ professors and students from prestigious U.S. ⁤universities ​in these virtual events is significant. It reflects the growing recognition of ‍the importance of hearing ​multiple⁤ perspectives and engaging in informed discussions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. These discussions provide an opportunity for participants ​to ‌learn about the‌ complexities of the situation and⁢ gain a deeper‍ understanding of the challenges faced by Palestinian students​ and educators.

Through the ⁢Right to Education Campaign, Birzeit University ⁣aims to ⁤build tactics of focused resistance against the occupation. By highlighting ⁤the impact of the Israeli military operations‌ on education, the campaign seeks to mobilize international support for the Palestinian cause and advocate for the rights of Palestinian students and academics. It serves as ‌a means to counteract the marginalization and oppression‌ faced by Palestinians⁢ in their pursuit of education.

It is​ crucial to recognize ‍the importance of academic freedom and the right to education as⁤ fundamental human rights. The ‍Right ‍to Education Campaign not only sheds light on the violations of these rights but also works towards creating a space where​ the voices of Palestinian students and academics can be ​amplified and ⁤their experiences acknowledged.

In conclusion,⁢ Birzeit University’s Right to Education ‌Campaign plays a⁢ vital role in raising awareness about the impact of Israeli military operations on academic institutions in Palestine. The virtual events organized by the campaign‍ serve as platforms for engaging discussions and knowledge-sharing between professors ‍and students from U.S. universities. By documenting and highlighting the violations of ⁢the right to ‌education, the ⁤campaign‍ seeks ‌to mobilize⁣ support and create avenues for ⁣resistance against the ⁣occupation. It is through such ‌efforts that the ⁢Palestinian people can hope to achieve their right ⁤to a⁣ quality education and ⁣reclaim⁢ their ⁢agency in ​shaping their future.

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