‘This Is a Major Failure’: Lawmakers Demand Answers on Pentagon Leak

Members of Congress stated that there are many questions that need to be addressed regarding how a 21-year-old aeronaut in the Massachusetts Air National Guard was able to obtain and transfer highly classified and sensitive items that revealed, among other knowledge, U. S spy activity and assessment of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

On April 13, an Air National Guard IT consultant named Jack Texeira was detained at his Massachusetts family home and charged the following day in federal prosecutor in Boston. He is still in prison. The day of his next court appearance is April 19.

The Pentagon security breach comes after a spy balloon sent by the Chinese Communist Party ( CCP ), which has openly stated its intention to overthrow liberal democratic America, traveled eastward across the country before being shot down by an American fighter jet off the coast of South Carolina earlier this year, adding to the worry and rage of lawmakers and other government officials.

Graham, the senator, weighs in.

Sen. Lindsey Graham( R-S. C. ), who was in Jerusalem, discussed the leak with host Jonathan Karl on ABC’s’s This Week on April 16. Graham was a former Air National Guard official.

” The system malfunctioned. Graham declared,” This is a serious failure.

I’m’m not sure what caused this airman’s’s actions, but he has seriously damaged our reputation. If someone feels like they’re’re going to be compromised, it’s’s very difficult to get them to come forward right now and tell us about things we need to know. I am astounded that someone at that point could have such exposure given the compromised sources, methods, and methods on how we gather information on adversaries. The question then becomes,” How did he get it?” And why did he act in that way?

Graham was questioned by Karl about GOP lawmakers who were supporting Texeira’s’s things. He also brought up a tweet from Marjorie Taylor Greene in which she said Tucker Carlson of Fox News was” turning him into…”

According to Graham, what they are suggesting may undermine America’s’s capacity for self-defense, that it is acceptable to launch sensitive information based on your political beliefs, and that the ends justify the means. It’s’s not acceptable. If you are a member of the military wisdom nation, you disagree with American legislation and believe that leaking classified information won’t harm you. You’re’re going to jail, I assure you.

There Is Damage That Has Been Done, Demonstrably.

Do you still have any idea how much harm this apparently 21-year-old airman who has been arrested caused when he leaked this defined material? On CBS News’ Face the Nation, host Margaret Brennan questioned House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner( R-Ohio ).

Turner remarked,” Never entirely, but obviously there has been harm done.

” These files have been widely circulated and are probably harmful to both the United States and our allies. We have classified them because we don’t want them to end up in the hands of our enemies.” What’s’s disturbing about this is that, when you look at the files that were distributed, you know, without the proper manipulation, they relate to specific real people and have the potential to have an impact on peoples’ lives, which is unquestionably a concern of ours.

The US Military: Is It a Bad Link?

Jake Tapper questioned guest Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand( D – N ) on CNN’s’s State of the Union. Y. ) If House Speaker Kevin McCarthy( R-California ) was correct in saying that the Biden administration was” asleep at the switch ,”

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand( D-N ) Y .) On March 10, 2020, the Senate Democrats held their regular insurance dinner on Capitol Hill in Washington. ( Samuel Corum / Getty Pictures )

We’re’re going to conduct a thorough investigation, Sen. Gillibrand, who serves on the Senate Intelligence and Armed Services committees, retorted. Additionally, a thorough investigation will be conducted by the Intelligence Committee. We put a lot of effort into learning how to maintain our stories secure. I also h

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