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This Anti-Israel Terrorist Organization Found A Home In A Left-Wing Nonprofit

Samidoun: A Controversial Arm of the Popular Front for ⁣the Liberation​ of Palestine

A Samidoun flier with an⁢ anti-Israel slogan. (Sean Gallup/Getty ‍Images)

An Israeli-designated‍ terrorist group banned by the German government is part of an American ⁢dark money ⁣network funded by progressive billionaires, including George Soros.

Samidoun, ‌known for organizing numerous anti-Israel protests following Hamas’s recent attacks, is revealed to be a subsidiary of‍ the Alliance for Global Justice, according to records.⁢ The‌ German interior minister, Nancy Faeser, strongly‌ condemned ‌their “anti-Semitic, inhuman⁣ worldview” in⁣ an‍ October⁢ 12 statement when announcing‍ a nationwide ban on the ‍organization. Additionally, Israel has designated⁢ Samidoun as a terrorist group, alleging its affiliation ⁤with the⁣ Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a Syria-based terrorist group.

Samidoun operates under the fiscal sponsorship of the​ Alliance for Global Justice, blurring the⁢ legal distinction between the ⁢two entities. ‌Such arrangements are common on the left, as seen with the Adalah Justice Project, ‌a vocal American defender of Hamas, which is fiscally ⁤sponsored​ by the Tides Center, as Washington Free Beacon reported.

However, Samidoun’s actions have ‍led⁣ to the severing of ⁣ties with ⁣at least one⁢ ally of the Alliance for Global Justice. The ⁤New Venture Fund​ stated, “We condemn ​terrorism and violence against civilians in all forms ⁢and do not support any projects or provide any grants to organizations that fund⁢ terrorism,” announcing the discontinuation of grants⁢ to‍ projects hosted by the Alliance for Global⁣ Justice. In 2021, the New Venture​ Fund, along with the ⁣Soros-backed Tides Center and ‍Tides⁤ Foundation, contributed over $9 million ⁢to the alliance.

Multiple requests for comment from both Samidoun‍ and ‍the Alliance for⁣ Global ⁣Justice have gone ⁤unanswered.

Arabella‌ Advisors, a​ prominent dark money network ​on the‍ left, has also distanced itself from Samidoun, ⁢unequivocally condemning ⁤terrorism and violence against civilians.‌ Arabella Advisors clarified that Samidoun has ‍never been a client of theirs. However, tax ‍records show that two of Arabella’s ​clients, whose operations are​ closely guided by the ‍firm, transferred ‌more than $1 million ⁢to the Alliance for Global Justice in 2022.

The exact⁤ timeline of Samidoun’s absorption ‍into the Alliance for Global Justice ‌and the specific donors earmarking ⁣funds‌ for Samidoun remain unclear. As of the ‌last available public tax filings in 2021,⁣ the Alliance for Global ‍Justice​ had over $6.2 million in ⁣assets and spent ⁢more than $54 million.

Since the‍ Hamas attack in October, ⁤Samidoun ​has‍ maintained a “Calendar of Resistance” on its website,‍ informing⁣ activists ‍about opportunities to protest ⁤against the‍ Jewish state. This month, the group collaborated with the Arab Resource and Organizing Center to blockade a U.S. ​government​ ship in‌ a Washington​ port, suspecting⁤ it was headed for Israel. Federal officials have initiated a criminal ‍investigation⁣ into the protest.

Samidoun ​has ⁢a long history of​ supporting terrorists, particularly the Popular Front ‍for the ‌Liberation of Palestine. ​On its website, Samidoun dismisses evidence of its affiliation with the group as “Zionist disinformation.”

However, one of ‌the group’s leaders, Charlotte Kates, and her husband, Khaled Barakat, co-founder⁢ of the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement,⁢ were barred from entering the ⁣European Union due to their‍ ties‌ to the Popular ⁤Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Israeli intelligence has also accused Barakat, who resides in Canada, ‍of holding ⁤a⁤ high-ranking position within ⁣the ‍terrorist organization.

Recently, Samidoun hosted a ⁤screening in ⁤Chicago for a documentary about Georges Abdallah, a ‍member of ​a ‌Lebanese offshoot ⁢of the ‍Popular Front for ⁤the Liberation of Palestine. Abdallah was sentenced to life‍ in a French prison for ‍the ⁤1982 murder of a U.S. military attaché ‍and an Israeli‍ diplomat‍ in Paris. Abdallah has expressed ⁣no remorse for the ‍killings, stating that his actions were driven by the‍ injustice faced by Palestinians.

Samidoun’s‌ mission is to secure⁣ the⁢ release of all Palestinian prisoners, including those ⁤convicted of terrorism. The group ⁢emphasizes that Palestinian prisoners ‌are at the forefront of the struggle for Palestinian liberation.

Leading‌ online fundraising platforms such as PayPal ‌and Stripe banned Samidoun from their ⁣platforms in October following a congressional investigation into the group’s ties to‍ the Popular Front for ‌the Liberation of Palestine, ​as reported by the‍ Washington Examiner.

Despite these setbacks, Samidoun continues to fundraise‍ by instructing supporters to‍ send⁢ checks payable⁤ to ​the Alliance for Global Justice at its headquarters in Tucson, Arizona.

Samidoun’s association‍ with terrorist groups extends beyond the⁣ Popular Front ‍for​ the Liberation ​of ⁢Palestine. The organization plays a role in organizing the ​annual “Palestinian Prisoners’ Action Week,” which ⁣includes marches worldwide.⁤ In the 2021 protests, the Muhjat al-Quds Foundation, which the⁣ Treasury Department recently sanctioned ⁤for providing support to the Gaza-based terrorist organization Palestinian Islamic Jihad, participated.

Jewish organizations worldwide ⁢have‌ called‌ for Samidoun to cease its operations in their respective countries.‍ Canada’s Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs initiated a petition this month urging the government⁢ to designate Samidoun as a terrorist group.

Why have‍ Samidoun and the Alliance for Global Justice ⁢not responded to multiple requests for comment‍ regarding their connection and funding sources

In recent news, Samidoun, a controversial arm​ of ‍the Popular ​Front for​ the⁤ Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), has come under scrutiny for‌ its affiliation with terrorist‌ activities and its connection ⁣to a dark money network. Samidoun has gained attention for organizing anti-Israel protests ⁢following⁤ Hamas’s recent attacks and has been ⁤designated as‌ a terrorist group by both Israel and Germany.

According to records, Samidoun is revealed to ‌be⁤ a subsidiary of the Alliance for Global Justice, a left-wing organization. This connection blurs the⁣ legal distinction between the two entities and is part of a common arrangement on the left. Similar ‍cases can be seen ⁣with organizations like the Adalah Justice Project, which ⁢is fiscally sponsored by the Tides‍ Center and ⁢is a​ vocal defender⁣ of ⁢Hamas.

However, Samidoun’s actions have led to the severing of ties with at ⁣least one ally of ⁤the Alliance for Global ‍Justice. The New Venture‌ Fund, a prominent dark money network, condemned terrorism​ and violence against‌ civilians and​ announced the discontinuation of grants to projects hosted by the Alliance for Global Justice. In 2021, the New Venture ‌Fund, along with the Soros-backed Tides Center ‍and Tides Foundation, contributed over $9 million ‌to the alliance.

Despite these revelations, both Samidoun and the Alliance for Global Justice have not responded to multiple requests for⁣ comment. It is unclear when exactly Samidoun became⁤ absorbed into the ⁢Alliance for Global Justice and who specifically earmarked funds for ⁢the group. As of the last available ⁢tax filings in 2021, the alliance had over⁤ $6.2 million in assets and⁢ spent more than $54 million.

Since the October Hamas attack, Samidoun⁤ has maintained a “Calendar of Resistance” on ‍its website, informing activists about opportunities to ⁣protest against Israel. The group recently collaborated with the‍ Arab Resource and Organizing Center to blockade ​a U.S. government ship in a Washington port, suspecting it was headed for Israel. Federal officials have initiated​ a criminal investigation into the protest.

Samidoun has a long history of supporting terrorists, particularly the PFLP. The group has been known to dismiss ‍evidence of its affiliation with ⁢the PFLP as “Zionist ​disinformation.”​ However, one of the group’s leaders,⁢ Charlotte Kates, and her husband, Khaled Barakat, co-founder of the ‍Palestinian ⁢Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement, have been barred from entering the European Union‍ due to their ties to the PFLP. Israeli intelligence has also accused‍ Barakat of holding ⁢a high-ranking position within ​the terrorist organization.

Recently, Samidoun hosted a⁣ screening in Chicago

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