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Ben Shapiro calls out White House’s surprise over topless trans person at Pride event as dishonest.

Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro Challenges Corporate America and Criticizes Biden Administration’s Response to Transgender Activist’s Actions

In a recent episode of “The Ben Shapiro Show” podcast, Ben Shapiro, the Editor Emeritus of Daily Wire, expressed his skepticism towards the Biden administration’s shock and condemnation following the actions of transgender activist Rose Montoya at a White House Pride event. Montoya, a man who identifies as a woman, went topless and “jiggled” bare breasts during the event.

Shapiro criticized President Joe Biden and his administration for issuing a statement calling Montoya’s actions “inappropriate and disrespectful” and banning future events. He questioned the sincerity of their outrage, stating, “Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about this yesterday and she said she was so offended. She’s so offended. Mm-hmm. So here is the thing. We do not believe you.”

Shapiro further expressed his disbelief in the White House’s response, stating, “We think you are lying. And the reason we think you’re lying is because you are lying. So there are some people out there who are saying, listen, the White House is finally condemning this stuff. They’re walking it back. No, I don’t believe them. They’re liars.”

Shapiro argued that the idea that the LGBT community only seeks privacy is a lie. He stated, “What they actually want is to supplant an entire system of morality with a new system of morality that prizes perversity. This is part and parcel of the entire schtick.”

Shapiro criticized the administration’s contradictory stance, highlighting their support for exposing children to certain behaviors while condemning others. He stated, “The same administration that is saying, ‘That it is beyond reason. We cannot have this trans woman jiggling his breast at the White House’ … are the same people who say that it is requisite, it is dignity and morality for you to expose your three-year-old to a man dressed as a woman jiggling his crotch in the face of your child, and that if you refuse to do so, this makes you intolerant and bad.”

Shapiro concluded by suggesting that the White House’s response was driven by embarrassment rather than genuine remorse. He argued, “It’s just when the mask comes off and it turns out that what they were pushing for all along wasn’t a gay partner looking for visitation rights at the hospital. What they were actually pushing for was reading ‘Gender Queer’ to your seven-year-old, then it turns out that they get upset.”

“I don’t think they’re embarrassed,” Shapiro continued. “I think that for a moment they got a bad headline. … The only thing that embarrasses them is that people finally realized what you guys are doing.”

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