The View criticizes ‘snowflake’ Republicans after Hunter Biden verdict

Whoopi Goldberg, co-host ⁤of *The View*, criticized House Speaker Mike Johnson and other Republican leaders for their responses to the verdict on Hunter Biden.​ Hunter was found guilty of three federal gun charges, marking a historic moment as he is the first son of a sitting president to be convicted of a⁢ felony. President Biden has stated that he respects the verdict and does not plan to pardon his son. Despite this, many ​conservatives express skepticism about the fairness of ‍the justice system. During an episode ‌of the⁢ show, Goldberg highlighted this by referring to the Republicans as “snowflakes” and aired a ⁤montage showcasing their reactions and comparisons between Hunter Biden’s case and Donald Trump’s trial in Manhattan. Mike Johnson ‍emphasized the ‌overwhelming evidence in Biden’s case, suggesting Trump’s charges were politically motivated. Senator Eric Schmitt remarked on‌ perceived justice discrepancies in America.

The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg called House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) and other Republican leaders “snowflakes” for their reactions to the Hunter Biden verdict.

“Hunter Biden was found guilty of three federal gun charges, the first time in history that the son of a sitting president has ever been convicted of a felony. President Biden said he respects the verdict and will not pardon his son, but apparently this still has not convinced a lot of conservatives that we have an equal justice system,” Goldberg said as she opened Wednesday’s show. “Take a look at the snowflakes.”

The show then aired a video montage of Republicans’ reactions to the first son’s conviction and the comparisons they made to former President Donald Trump’s Manhattan trial.

“Clearly, the evidence was overwhelming here. I don’t think that’s the case in the Trump trials, and all of the charges that have been brought against him have been obviously brought for political purposes,” Johnson said to reporters on Tuesday.

“I think the American people are smart enough to know these are separate cases. There are two tiers of justice,” Sen. Eric Schmitt (R-MO) said.

The montage showed Fox News host Laura Ingraham saying, “Hunter’s case involved a clearly provable crime. Trump’s involved a totally novel application of the state statute, a predicate crime that they never specified, a partisan prosecutor, and a compromised judge.”

“Just because one Democrat was convicted doesn’t mean the American legal system isn’t being abused,” Fox News host Jesse Watters said on his show.

The View hosts and the audience audibly disagreed with the opinions in the montage.

“It’s not even funny. It’s startling,” Goldberg said.

She added, “So he gets convicted. That’s not good enough. You b****ed and moaned. You wanted something to happen. Something has happened. He’s gone through the system and that’s how the system works. Do y’all not live here anymore? Do you not know how this is supposed to work? Am I crazy?”

“No, you’re not,” co-host Sunny Hostin chimed in.

Hostin said that Hunter Biden’s case was “very easy” to prove but pointed out that it was rare for these kinds of cases to go to trial, which made it “feel like a political persecution.” She noted that Hunter Biden will pay the consequences for his crimes.

Former Trump spokeswoman Alyssa Farah Griffin said she believed the conviction of the first son undercut the “MAGA” argument that the system is “rigged.”


“One of the most striking things, despite the spin, is that this undercuts the MAGA Right’s argument that we live in a rigged system with a weaponized Justice Department and shows no one is above the law, even the president’s own son,” Griffin said.

“Democrats are convicted every day of crimes,” she added.

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