‘The View’ hosts advocate relocating illegal aliens due to NYC Mayor Adams’ concerns over the migrant crisis destroying the city.

The View⁣ Co-Hosts Discuss Illegal Immigration Crisis and Climate ‍Change

The co-hosts of‌ “The View” ‍engaged in a‍ lively discussion about the ongoing illegal‌ immigration crisis and ​its connection to⁢ climate change. During ‌the episode, they also addressed recent comments ⁣made by New York City Mayor⁤ Eric Adams, ⁣who warned that the influx of⁢ illegal ⁣immigrants would have devastating consequences for the​ city.

Illegal Immigration and the Need ⁣for Resettlement

Joy Behar sparked the conversation by suggesting ⁢that illegal immigrants ‍should be resettled elsewhere, both⁤ within ⁢the United States and around the ​world. She even went so far as⁣ to blame the issue⁣ on global warming and climate change.

Sunny‍ Hostin⁣ chimed in, highlighting the fact that many migrants are ⁣coming from war-torn regions. She ​expressed disappointment in ⁣Mayor Adams, emphasizing that ⁢the⁣ United States, with its⁢ iconic Statue of Liberty, should be a welcoming country for​ those in need.

A ⁤Regional and Global‍ Issue

Ana Navarro emphasized that the illegal immigration⁢ crisis is not solely a ⁢federal or American problem. She argued that it is a⁢ regional and‍ global issue that requires legislative action and cooperation with​ other countries. Navarro suggested that⁣ not⁤ everyone should come to​ the United States and proposed the need‌ for resettlement in other parts of the world.

Sarah Haines added to the discussion, pointing out that the vast size of the‌ United States provides ample opportunity for migrants to spread​ out and find new homes.

Connecting ‌Climate Change to the Crisis

Joy Behar brought up the​ impact of global warming and climate change‍ on the situation, stating that certain parts​ of the⁢ world are becoming uninhabitable. She urged Mayor Adams to fulfill his responsibilities‍ and address the issue head-on.


Mayor Adams’ Warning

During ‍a‍ recent town hall meeting, Mayor Adams⁣ expressed grave⁣ concern about the waves ⁤of ‍illegal immigrants overwhelming⁤ New York⁢ City.⁣ He ⁤warned that ⁤the city’s resources ⁢were being drained and ​that ⁢the situation would ultimately ⁣lead⁣ to its destruction.⁤ Adams highlighted the diverse origins of the migrants, including Venezuela, Ecuador, Russia, and ​Western Africa, who are all ⁣making their way through the southern ‌border and into New ⁢York⁢ City.

Adams stressed that this issue⁣ is not⁣ confined to ‍New York City alone but ⁣will⁣ impact​ neighborhoods across ⁣the ‌country. He urged everyone to recognize the severity of ⁤the crisis⁣ and take action before ⁢it’s too late.

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