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“The View” Hosts Angry That Tucker Carlson Got J6 Tapes

The hosts of ABC’s midday talk show “The View” — including new Republican co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin — were all in agreement on Wednesday when they attacked House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) for giving thousands of hours of January 6 footage to Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

The women on the panel voiced their concerns — ranging from complaints about the fact that Carlson works for Fox News to worries that anyone Release the footage Potential terrorists could have access to information on Capitol security.

Joy Behar led this charge and directly attacked Carlson and Fox News. “They go on the air and tell people all these lies that they don’t even believe themselves. And now he’s handed all this footage from January 6 to propagandize on Fox,” She claimed, and added that Carlson “is saying to us basically, don’t believe your eyes, believe what I tell you.”


“This raises huge safety and security concerns for the Capitol,” Griffin agreed, saying that showing that footage to the general public gave everyone access to the locations of security cameras throughout the Capitol building and could also reveal information about escape routes and safe rooms that are located throughout the facility.

“As a Republican, we always say we ‘back the blue,'” she said, adding, “Well, you just exposed the entire Capitol and undermined the Capitol Police and their safety precautions for something like a January 6, were it to ever happen again, or something like 9/11 where the Capitol was targeted.”

After Behar cut in to suggest that it might be illegal for Carlson to have the tapes, and while former prosecutor Sunny Hostin said that it was not illegal, she complained that Carlson was not real news and argued that he would not give the footage a fair showing.


Co-host Sara Haines agreed that Carlson would not present the “news” and said she agreed with Griffin that the main concern was whether showing the footage would compromise security. She then claimed that it had been proven that Republican members of Congress had given tours to people before the riot, showing them where certain things were located.

Haines then claimed that nothing good could come of Americans seeing the footage anyway, since the January 6 Committee had already concluded its investigation and reported its conclusions.

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