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Seth Dillon predicts the end of ‘wokeness’ and explains how it will happen.

Women Have the Power to Save Their Sports Leagues, Says Babylon Bee CEO

The Babylon Bee’s Seth Dillon believes that women already have the power to save their sports leagues and that people have the power to end wokeness. The only thing required is the willingness to use it.

Dillon explained his position on Twitter, stating that women can save their sports leagues overnight by refusing to compete with biological males. This would force them to compete only with themselves, and in turn, save women’s sports.

Dillon continued by saying that this power isn’t limited to women or sports. He cited Bud Light as proof that the upper hand is ours if we want it. Wokeness will die, but only as soon as we decide to kill it. He suggested raising the cost of wokeness so high that no organization, no matter how powerful or dominant, will be able to afford to promote it.

Former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines, who was forced to compete against trans-identifying swimmer Lia Thomas at her final NCAA championship meet, raised a similar suggestion during a recent interview with The Daily Wire. She suggested that refusing to compete against biological males might be the only way to send the message that women’s sports should not be taken over and women’s accomplishments should not be systematically erased.

Take a Stance for the Truth

Gaines acknowledged that it would be heartbreaking for girls to back out of competition, especially after training their entire lives to get to that point. However, she believes that it’s never too late to take a stance for the truth. Boycotts are effective, and if everyone can get on the same page, it could be the only way to save women’s sports.


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