Royal Family Banned from 175-Year-Old Tradition

A 175-Year-Old⁢ Tradition Comes to an End for the Royal Family

A 175-year-old tradition is swiftly coming⁤ to an end for the royal family‌ — but there doesn’t appear to ⁢be a ton of bad blood‍ over it.

A new report from The Telegraph claims that a “catering mogul” is​ ending a⁣ nearly​ two-century tradition that the royal family⁤ has enjoyed​ for some time now.

Specifically, the royal family will ⁣no longer be ​permitted to go‌ hunting near⁢ Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

Additionally, the family can no‌ longer go deer stalking or fishing at Balmoral.

This change is coming⁢ after the aforementioned catering mogul,​ Alastair Storey, purchased the nearby Abergeldie Estate.

As part of the Abergeldie purchase, Storey is terminating a longstanding ​agreement that gave the royal family⁢ special privileges.

Storey is ending ⁤that special agreement because he has grand plans for the estate — specifically, he wants to commercialize that hunting experience ‌that the royal family had enjoyed for so long, per⁣ The Telegraph.

Planning documents obtained by the U.K. outlet ‌state: “For the ⁤last 175 years the Royal family have leased the ⁢sporting rights at Abergeldie but this has now ceased, and will ​be actively run by the new Laird.

“To facilitate⁤ the transformation and to‌ effectively run the estate, new facilities will be required.”

These “new facilities” will “facilitate accommodation for ⁢the running‌ of the estate ‍and will include a social space⁢ for paying visitors to support the sporting activities on the estate.”

This change will be a significant one for the royal family.

Balmoral had been ‌with the royal family for nearly 200 ⁣years after it was purchased by ⁢Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1852.

In fact, just⁣ 25 years ago, the late queen ponied up extra money ⁣to procure those shooting and hunting rights.

Per The ⁣Telegraph, when ⁤Queen Elizabeth negotiated those terms, an estate worker quipped, “The original lease was negotiated with Queen Victoria… if she had offered a penny for the land, she would have got it.

“It’s different‍ today, of course, people are not‌ quite so servile.”

That lack of servile attitude ​appears to continue into 2023 with Storey’s imminent plans.

Despite all of that, according to a different U.K.‌ outlet, GBNews, “it is believed there is no bitterness between the new owner and the Royal Family over the decision.”

The ⁤Royal Family Is Officially ⁤Banned from a 175-Year-Old Tradition

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