‘The Price Is Right’ contestant injures shoulder in celebration

A Painful Celebration on “The Price Is Right”

A contestant on The Price Is Right experienced a painful injury after aggressively celebrating a correct answer.

The competitor named Henry had 30 seconds to guess whether each digit in the price of a trip to Hawaii should be higher or lower than what was listed. He was so excited after succeeding at the guessing game that he began jumping up and down and pumping his fists in the air.

Henry did this so vigorously that his shoulder apparently popped out of its socket, which led to his wife Alice stepping in to finish playing the game.

“Let me explain what happened,” game show host Drew Carey said later in the show as the contestant and his wife walked out. “Henry was celebrating and going, ‘Woo!’ and he dislocated his shoulder.”

The crowd gasped at the news, leading Carey to say, “I know.”

“So, he’s not gonna be able to spin the wheel, but Alice is going to spin the wheel for him. Good luck,” the host said.

Alice spun the wheel and landed on 95 cents while trying to get a result as close to $1 as possible. When Alice started cheering, Carey joked, “Don’t hurt yourself!”

The official game show Instagram page posted a clip from the episode later, which included the caption, “He won a trip to Hawaii and the ER (Update: Henry is feeling better and all healed now!)”

Supportive Viewers and Previous Injuries

Viewers in the comments were supportive of the injured contestant and glad to hear he was recovering.

“What a trooper! He stayed the entire game obviously in pain,” one commenter wrote.

“Omg! That’s crazy…feel better Henry. You can relax in Hawaii,” another said.

“Now that’s a celebration!” a third viewer posted. “Glad you’re doing good Henry!”

This wasn’t the first time someone got hurt on the set of “The Price Is Right.” According to Today, a contestant named Judy ended up playing the Showcase Showdown on crutches after she slipped and hurt her ankle spinning the wheel during an episode in 2014.

In 2007, longtime host Carey got his arm caught in a rotating device during the Grocery Game before his first episode finished taping.

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