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‘The Office’ actor faces backlash for controversial remarks on ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’

The Office Actor ⁣Brutally Roasted ⁣After ‌Giving His Thoughts on “Rich ⁣Men North of Richmond”

The smash hit song “Rich Men North ​of Richmond” has ‌captured the hearts of many Americans who are tired of‌ the elites​ ruining⁤ this country, and when television star Rainn Wilson tried to blast the song from the⁣ left, he only ended up making himself look like exactly the‍ people the⁤ song rails about.

Oliver Anthony’s anthem for the common American has shot⁣ to ⁢the top ​of the charts‍ and become ⁣an instant favorite of millions of middle-class and poor Americans fed up with the left-wing elites ​accumulating ever more power and money as the rest of the country​ struggles to buy food and gasoline, and make the mortgage or ​monthly ⁢rent.

Wilson starred as the hilarious goofball Dwight Schrute in‌ the nine-season sitcom “The Office,” but has since‌ become better known for‍ leftist⁢ publicity gimmicks. So it might not be surprising that‍ he ‌jumped to his account on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, to blast Anthony for not attacking the⁢ “right” sort⁣ of‌ rich people.

Wilson, who reportedly has a net worth⁤ of $14 million, decided to use an ⁣Aug. 20 tweet to ‌tell ⁤his 4.3 ⁣million ⁣followers ‌just whom he would point ‍to as⁤ the evil‌ rich in the popular Oliver Anthony tune.

It wasn’t⁤ long before Wilson got ratioed by social media users who took him to the woodshed for his conceit.

If he thought his celebrity status was going to protect ⁢him from criticism,⁣ or‌ that there was a ⁤groundswell of support for his point of view, he was sadly mistaken.

The responses were a ​virtual avalanche of attacks focused on​ Wilson’s wealth, his politics and ⁣the self-evident hypocrisy of an extraordinarily wealthy man bashing others for being ‍extraordinarily wealthy, too.

An account with the name “Mostly Peaceful Memes” posted one of the most common replies to⁤ Wilson’s blather, saying, “The irony of a millionaire actor‍ telling a working class song writer what to ⁢think.”

Another X user noted Wilson’s tweet lacked a bit of self-awareness.

“‘Rich man from north of Richmond’ reacts to Rich Man North of Richmond,'” he joked.

Another pointed out that Wilson just showed us all exactly ⁢why the song has zoomed to popularity, writing, “That’s exactly why he has a #1 song that resonates with millions of everyday ⁣people ⁣and‍ an overpaid, out of touch actor like you doesn’t.”

But this user had one ⁤of the‌ best replies to explain just what it appears⁣ that Anthony is talking ⁣about in his song.

“Perhaps your $16 million net worth is clouding this,” the user wrote, “but when people​ like Oliver Anthony look to their left and right for neighbors to fight‌ back‌ against⁤ the system with & instead see are‍ welfare-addicted ⁣gluttons who won’t fight against a system that is drugging them physically, mentally + monetarily, you write ‘Rich Men North ⁤of Richmond.’ Perhaps, you should stick⁣ to acting ‍instead of songwriting. It seems, being #1 on the charts, Oliver⁣ Anthony has spoken to ‍the ​people he wanted to​ speak⁣ to, and I can guarantee he didn’t have you in mind.”

Rainn Wilson clearly missed ‌the entire point of Oliver Anthony’s protest song, and⁣ may even have put himself ⁢right in the crosshairs as among the sort‍ of elites that the ⁤song has fingered for⁢ destroying this country. Not that he’ll‍ ever understand all that.

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