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“The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim” Producer Trashes Amazon’s “Rings of Power” Series

Warner Bros. Senior Vice President for Action and Anime Discovery and producer of the upcoming The War of the Rohirrim: The Lord of the Rings Jason DeMarco trashed Prime Video’s The Lord of the Rings – The Rings of Power.

Morfydd C Clark plays Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings – The Rings of Power (2022).

In two now-deleted tweets captured by YouTuber NBR, DeMarco responded to an IGN article claiming to have all the answers about who is Sauron and who is the Stranger following The Rings of Power’s season one finale.

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DeMarco first responded to the tweet writing. “Don’t expect answers that make any sense or derive from Tolkien!”

He wrote a follow-up. “Why make a show that’s first and foremost going to appeal to Tolkien fans, only to s**t all over the world, characters and story that made us all fall in love with Middle-Earth to begin with? I sure couldn’t tell you.”

Jason DeMarco Twitter

NBR noted that DeMarco would have explained why he deleted two tweets. “Eh deleted the thread it’s drawing flies. Like all negativity it just draws more negativity. A lesson I must continue to learn daily.”

He elaborated on the matter in a follow up tweet. “By ‘flies’ I mean ppl that jump in my replies to be rude b/c they disagree with an opinion. I don’t mean ‘anyone who feels differently than I do!’ I’m not telling anyone what to enjoy, or casting aspersions on those who like something I don’t.”

Jason DeMarco Twitter

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Interestingly, DeMarco’s opinion clearly changed as he watched Prime Video’s The Lord of the Rings – The Rings of Power.

DeMarco posted on Twitter when the show first debuted. “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power: pretty good! It looks and sounds great. The money is definitely onscreen. The score sounds terrific. Right out of the gate it gets close enough to the Jackson films and their ‘feel’ of Tolkien that felt so right.”

Jason DeMarco Twitter

But he continued to hedge. “BUT! Despite this he murderers row of great TV writers and directors they’ve assembled, and the uniformly solid cast, it’s still not great. None of the original characters stand out much so far, and the dialogue is trying for Tolkien and mostly not quite getting there.”

Jason DeMarco Twitter

DeMarco continued, “I’m always going to be annoyed at the way they are jacking around the timeline- thousands of years of events are being compressed into such a short timeframe. And the Harfoots are a total dud so far. So are fake Berenice and Lúthien.”

Jason DeMarco Twitter

He finished his thread. “So it’s not knocking it out of the park, but it ain’t bad either. We’ll see where it goes. They got arguably the most important part right- it feels Tolkien-esque. Time will tell if it is able to stand on its own.”

Jason DeMarco Twitter

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While DeMarco criticizing The Rings of Power Potential for growth is a good sign The War of the RohirrimA massive red flag is also visible.

He shared a excerpt from the book back in October. The Silmarillion And claims it gives “insight into Tolkien’s thoughts regarding gender.” It’s an obvious push to claim that Tolkien would support the current and evil transgender ideology that has infected Hollywood and political elites in the United States.

He points to one line in order to make it clear. “even as with us male and female may be shown by the raiment but is not made thereby.” He would also “like” A response that includes a meme illustrating what Tolkien would have to say “trans rights.”

Jason DeMarco Twitter

However, he doesn’t even include the full sentence and is taking it out of context despite sharing the full context in the previous tweet. Tolkien writes, “But when they desire to clothe themselves the Valar take upon them forms some as of male and some as of female; for that difference of temper they had even from their beginning, and it is but bodied forth in the choice of each, not made by the choice, even as with us male and female may be shown by the raiment but is made thereby.”

Tolkien clearly states that the Valar were either males or females from the beginning. But they have the option to choose to appear as the opposite.

Although a man can dress as a woman, a woman can also dress as a man. However, just because you dress as a man or woman does not mean you should. A woman can’t become a man, and a man cannot become woman. It is impossible. People who claim it is possible are lying to their own faces and rejecting reality.

Charlie Vickers portrays Halbrand in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

The War of the Rohirrim The anime-style film, directed by Kenji kamiyama in Japan and written by Jeffrey Addiss (and Will Matthews), is animated. The film is expected to follow the story of Helm Hammerhand and will feature narration by Miranda Otto as she reprises her role as Eowyn from Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The hope for the film is that it will accurately adapt Tolkien’s short story about Helm Hammerhand found in Appendix A of The Lord of the Rings. Hammerhand defends his kingdom against Wulf, a rival lord who leads the Dunlendings, other enemies of Gondor, as well as three fleets Corsairs during Long Winter, which covers Rohan in snow for five-months.

The Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers

What do you make of DeMarco’s comments regarding The Rings of Power Tolkien and

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