The Left Never Wants You Freed From Politics

The Left Never Wants You Freed From Politics

Everything is politicized and there is no escape, the Left makes sure of that.

There are few, if any, places where you can go these days and escape a leftist political message. Sometimes the message is subtle, but oftentimes you might as well be hit over the head with a hammer, beaten until you submit to the Left’s preferred narrative.

Last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests and riots really galvanized the Left’s stranglehold on political messaging. Now, whether you’re walking through your neighborhood or past a strip of businesses, you’ll be hard pressed to avoid some kind of Black Lives Matter sign of support. And it’s not a matter of agreeing that, of course, black lives don’t matter – that’s not the issue – the issue is that the movement and the organization are not actually about black lives, but about shaming white people, violence, and dismantling capitalism. Many people who think police do, at least some times, treat black people differently don’t necessarily want to support an organization that is so hostile toward police and other races.

Last summer, organization after organization bowed to the Black Lives Matter movement, condemning police and claiming to stand against racism. The statements were utterly devoid of meaning, platitudes raised to the alter of wokeness and thinly veiled attempts to beg the mob not to trash their companies. And the statements were accepted by the Left, because image is all they care about, not actual progress. As long as those companies claimed to be on their side, that’s all that really matters. They can go home thinking they made a difference in the world.

But now, regular, non-political people can’t shop from many retailers without being told the world – and by extension, they – are racist and must repent somehow. Repentance usually involves pathetic statements about “privilege” or admitting one is racist even if one isn’t, and accepting when the liberal mob demands you disappear from society.

Black Lives Matter isn’t the only message we’re constantly hit with. Hollywood continuously inserts progressive messaging into TV shows and movies, producing eyerolls when watched. We all recall how shows pushed Obamacare nearly a decade ago at the request of the Obama White House. Such a perk would never be granted to a Republican president, and Americans don’t need their favorite TV characters shoehorning liberal messaging into sitcoms.

Sports, too, are not freed from politics, and the ratings and layoffs don’t seem to be fixing that culture. You can’t watch the Super Bowl without a dozen or so companies producing ads that force some form of leftism down your throat. This year the message was about the Left’s version of racism, an insistence that America is inherently awful and racist and so are white people. The Jeep ad supposedly about unity when the Left doesn’t want unity, just compliance, also springs to mind.

In past years, feminist myths about the gender wage gap and sexism have been prevalent in ad campaigns. Sometimes the messaging is more subtle, like the consistent portrayal of women as victims and repetition of decades-old claims about double standards, but the result is the same: constant left-wing political messaging.

With even pillows getting political – as Trump supporter Mike Lindell is pitted against gun-control activist David Hogg – there’s a growing feeling that there are fewer and fewer places one can turn to avoid politics. And this is exactly what the Left wants.

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