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The FBI Halted Probe Of Pedophile To Focus On January 6. Now He’s Accused Of Abusing A 10-Year-Old Boy.

The FBI’s Priorities: Abandoning Child Porn ​Sting to Focus on Capitol Rioters

In a shocking turn ​of events, the FBI made the controversial ‍decision to halt a sting operation targeting‍ a child pornographer in Virginia. Instead, they shifted their focus ⁢to prosecuting supporters of Donald Trump who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. Little did they know that the same predator they let slip through⁤ their fingers would resurface in Alaska, where he allegedly engaged in sexual acts with ‍a 10-year-old⁢ boy.

A Missed Opportunity

The case against the child​ predator⁤ seemed like a ⁤slam-dunk. ⁤In ‌December 2020, an ⁤undercover‍ FBI ‌agent posing‌ as a father received messages from an individual named “gayboy69freak,” expressing his desire⁤ to have sex with a 9-year-old boy.⁤ The predator even sent⁢ a ​video of⁣ a young boy being sexually abused. The FBI traced the IP address to Brogan Welsh of Glenn ⁣Allen, Virginia.​ However, just ​one month ‍later, the investigation was abruptly ​halted due to the events at the Capitol.

A Shocking ⁢Discovery

It wasn’t until October ⁤2023 that the FBI stumbled upon ⁤Welsh again. While investigating ⁢another case, agents discovered troubling chats from Welsh on a ‌seized phone. They promptly raided his house in Alaska and found‌ disturbing evidence, including small-sized sex toys and ⁣children’s underwear. It became clear that a‌ 10-year-old boy had been living with⁣ Welsh.

The Fallout of​ Prioritizing Politics

The FBI’s decision to prioritize the Capitol riot cases had consequences ‌beyond just letting⁣ a child predator roam free. The Washington ⁣Field Office, responsible for handling local criminal investigations, diverted resources ⁤away from other cases. As a result, the U.S. Attorney’s office ​in‌ D.C. increasingly declined to prosecute residents arrested by the Metropolitan​ Police Department,⁤ leading to a rise ​in ​crime rates.

A​ Dangerous Precedent

Tom Fitton, president‍ of Judicial Watch, expressed concern​ over the FBI’s politicization and its impact on public safety. He argued that when law ‌enforcement priorities are guided by politics, ⁣cases that don’t align ‍with a certain narrative may ⁤be⁤ overlooked. This worrying trend‌ extends⁢ beyond ‌child predators, as evidenced by ‍the FBI’s handling of a Satan-worshipping ‌cult involved in ⁢child⁣ abuse.

The Cost of Diverted Attention

While over 1,000 defendants have ​been charged in connection⁣ with the Capitol breach, the resources dedicated to ⁣these cases have come at the expense of ‍other investigations. The ⁤backlog of cases and the ⁤decline in prosecutions for local ​crimes in D.C. have left⁤ victims without justice and ⁤contributed to a surge in violent crime.

It is clear that the FBI’s priorities⁣ have had​ far-reaching consequences. The pursuit of justice should⁣ not be compromised for political⁣ gain, as the ‍safety and well-being of innocent individuals are at stake.

How did the ⁤FBI’s⁣ decision to halt the investigation allow Welsh to continue ⁣engaging in illicit activities, potentially harming more children?

Ted, and ⁢Welsh was not ‌arrested or charged.

According to reports, the FBI’s decision ⁢to abandon the child porn sting was due to the agency’s‍ shift in ⁤priorities following the Capitol riot. The agency ⁢believed that focusing on potential domestic terrorists ​was more important than pursuing a⁣ child predator. This decision proved to be a grave mistake.

A Serial Predator

After the FBI dropped ⁢the investigation, Welsh relocated to Alaska, ​where ⁤he reportedly continued his illicit activities. He allegedly engaged in sexual​ acts with⁤ a 10-year-old boy, leaving behind a trail‌ of evidence that could have⁣ been prevented if the FBI ‌hadn’t abandoned their⁢ initial operation.

It ⁣is deeply troubling that the agency responsible for protecting the nation’s citizens, especially its most vulnerable, ⁣prioritized the arrest and prosecution of Capitol rioters over stopping a ‍known child ⁣predator.⁢ The FBI’s duty is to uphold the⁢ law and ensure justice for all, not ‌selectively prioritize one crime over ‍another.

Questions and Accountability

The⁤ FBI’s decision to halt the child porn⁤ sting raises ‌serious questions ⁤about their judgement and ⁢priorities. Was​ it⁢ a simple⁢ oversight or​ a deliberate choice? If it⁢ was the latter, what criteria did they use to determine that pursuing Capitol rioters was more important ‌than protecting children from sexual exploitation?

Accountability ‍is⁢ crucial, not only to bring justice to the victims of sexual⁣ abuse ​but also to restore the public’s trust in the ‍FBI. The ⁢agency needs to ⁤provide a transparent ‌explanation as to why this decision ‌was made​ and what⁢ steps they are taking to ensure that it​ does not happen again in the future.

A Reevaluation of Priorities

The FBI’s primary responsibility is to protect and serve ‌the American people. ⁢While investigations into ‍potential domestic⁤ terrorists are undoubtedly important, they must not be ⁣prioritized at the expense ‌of other crimes that endanger the lives⁣ and well-being of innocent individuals, particularly children.

The FBI must conduct a thorough ​reevaluation of its priorities to ensure that child​ predators are given the attention they deserve. ‍It is essential that they have the necessary resources and manpower to tackle all forms of ⁣crime effectively. No child​ should suffer⁢ because law enforcement agencies chose to focus on one crime over another.


The FBI’s decision ⁣to abandon a child porn sting‌ and shift its focus to Capitol rioters sends a distressing ​message about their priorities. The consequences ⁢of this ​decision were dire, as⁢ the predator they let slip through their fingers continued to victimize innocent‍ children.

Accountability and transparency are essential to restore the public’s trust⁣ in the FBI. The agency must reevaluate its priorities and ensure ⁤that child predators are pursued and prosecuted with the same determination and resources as any other criminals. Only then can we prevent future tragedies and protect the ⁤most ‌vulnerable members of our society.

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